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Horrific accident at Walibi Rhones-Alpes

Absimilliard Absimilliard Profile

6/21/09 at
5:03:26 PM

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There was an horrible accident at Walibi Rhones-Alpes in France. The park offered (or they purchased the tour) their employees helicopter tours of the park and area around. Around 7pm on saturday june 20th, a few minutes after taking off, the helicopter crashed and killed all 7 occupants... The pilot and 6 park employees...

Horrible, since I knew one of the park employee and the park was closed today while they offered help to the families and employees.

Re: Horrific accident at Walibi Rhones-Alpes by Graeme Graeme Profile at 6/21/09 5:15:41 PM

That's really awful. I'm very sorry this has happened.