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Toddler death

Posted: 5/13/09 at 5:17:24 PM
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Re: Toddler death by Hurri Hurri Profile at 5/14/09 4:17:54 PM

The toddler left a bouncy castle, went round to the back of it and managed to climb under the fence of the neighbouring attraction, the Go Gator, next to the lowest point of the track.

The op hit the Estop as soon as she could, but because of the nature of the ride it continued on its momentum and hit the child. The ride behaved correctly, the op did everything she could have done in that situation. The fault is definitely with the victim, or in this case, his guardian. Why wasn't he watching the young lad?

Of course, my thoughts are with them, it's a horrible thing to happen and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but the parents were quoted in the paper as saying 'we want to find out who was supposed to be watching the barrier' - Er, the op who Estopped the ride? It seems they're just looking for someone to blame, when there is no one to blame but themself.

And my thoughts are with the showmen on this fair, particularly the owners of this ride. Must be awful for them too.

Re: Toddler death by britcitchris britcitchris Profile at 5/14/09 7:21:13 PM

What was the guardian doing? There is so much temptation for little ones at fairs. How a parent/guardian can let them stroll around care free is beyond belief....

On a seperate note, Hurri; how was your walk from rage to saw?


Re: Toddler death by Hurri Hurri Profile at 5/15/09 6:20:28 AM

It was good, ta. My legs hurt like hell afterwards though.