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Southend T.R. Easter Monday 2009.

Posted: 4/22/09 at 5:21:54 AM
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Southend Easter Monday 2009

Whilst away over Easter, we took a trip to Southend as we were visiting nearby. About 10 miles away from our destination, we saw lots of motorbikes and the local radio station told us that the Annual Shakedown was that day. For those not in the know, it is a huuuuge motorbike gathering, held once a year. A large section of the seafront is closed for the day to cars whilst thousands of bikes parade around. It's quite a spectacle and the atmosphere along the front is quite electric. After soaking up lots of bike action, we visited Adventure Island as I was positively itching to ride Rage, the parks Eurofighter Coaster that was installed a year or two ago. The park was very busy but the queues weren't too bad and it was great to see so many people having a good time in the sunshine. Rage did not disappoint me and I found it to be fun, smooth and exciting. It's exactly what the park needs; something intense to draw the thrill seekers in, as the rest of the park's rides are all family orientated. I can't wait to ride it again, it really was quite breath taking. The park's rides are very reasonably priced and on the toddler rides, accompanying parents ride for free. A brilliant idea, especially in these credit crunch times. We had a great day out and I can't wait to return.

This was the scene for the last ten miles into Southend.

Note the pillion passenger on the Goldwing. Bless.

No, this isn't a scene from Donington!

Crowds of bikes, bikers and onlookers outside some arcades along the front.

Some people even dressed up for the occassion. This person had a thing about moustaches...

"Whose bike is this?"
"It's not a bike baby, it's a Chopper." - Sorry, couldn't resist the quote from Pulp Fiction.

Here are some custom bikes that took my fancy...

Adventure Island from a distance.

My son Ben chooses something to go on whilst I queue up for Rage.

Some pictures of Rage. I like this unusal angle that I took, here.

The vertical climb. It really is quite something!

And down the 92 degree drop, we go. It's a heart in the mouth moment, I can tell you!

At the bottom of the crazy drop.

After the mad drop, it's up into the excellent loop. The car slows down a bit just before going upside down and this makes
it even more exciting.

Round the excellent loop.

The turnaround. It's taken at a pretty nifty speed.

The helix into the brake run. It's great fun.

Into the brake run.

Another angle of the brake run. The girls in this photo look breathless!

A shot of one of the family coasters going past. I particularly like this pic.

Over The Hill. I like the exterior themeing on this attraction.

Hope you enjoy the photos.


Re: Southend T.R. Easter Monday 2009. by Corkscrew_Foley Corkscrew_Foley Profile at 4/22/09 3:59:44 PM

Chris, thanks for the pics and the TR. I couldn't get over how massive Rage looked in the distance, and from that same deception, the loop looked almost B&M size.


Re: Southend T.R. Easter Monday 2009. by Graeme Graeme Profile at 4/23/09 9:34:17 AM

> Hope you enjoy the photos.

> Chris.

Yes, I did, they were great!

I must say, it always takes ages to get through Southend town and to the seafront.

Glad you enjoyed Rage.