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DLP: Out and Back 5 of 6

Posted: 4/10/09 at 3:44:53 PM
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Disneyland Paris has hi-tech at its very core.

So why is this forty something never so happy than when he hears the turnstile click at the entrance to Adventure Isle's "La Cabane des Robinson?"

Simply "Simplicity"

Well simplicity on the outside.

The Swiss Family Tree House opened in Paris on the 12 April 1992 and I love it.

It is in effect a strange looking Banyan Tree rising 91 feet (28 metres) from the ground.

Its branches contain 300,000 imagineer leaves and 50,000 imagineer flowers. (And No I haven't counted them!)

Wooden stairways lead to high up places, out of the way places and just places.

Those of you that have the time or inclination may be interested to know that The Swiss Family (in the Disney film of 1960) was shipwrecked on a desert island and here, just outside Paris deep down beneath the roots of this remarkable walkthrough / walkin / walkup / walkdown in a cave called Le Ventre de la Terre you can find the supposed place where supplies from the original wreck are stored - in this case behind bamboo bars.

The actual shipwreck can be spied beneath a rope bridge.

Attention to detail + I wonder what is around the next corner = Classic Disney!

The Tree has been rethemed around Tarzan at DLCal but you can keep that thank you very much.

The film Swiss Family Robinson from 1960 still resonates with me.

Some little thumbnail reminders - My memories are more vivid.

Re: DLP: Out and Back 5 of 6 by Graeme Graeme Profile at 4/11/09 8:09:32 AM

Gsry, I agree with your findings here. Although I haven't been to a Disney park, the things like Jungle Cruise, Swiss Family Robinson treehouse etc appealed to me greatly. I think it's because they are wholesome and are the type of thing Walt Disney himself intended.

Re: DLP: Out and Back 5 of 6 by Corkscrew_Foley Corkscrew_Foley Profile at 4/15/09 3:48:53 PM

If I remember, Magic Kingdom in Orlando had a Swiss Family Robinson attraction, but I was truly short on time for it, as I wanted to go exploring.

Keep 'em coming, Gary. Always an insightful read. :)


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