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Blue Peter Yesterday

Posted: 3/26/09 at 10:47:28 AM
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Did anyone else see Blue Peter yesterday? I just caught it.

They sent one of their presenters, Andy, to try out Colossus, Rage and Kumali. On all three coasters, he was measured (someone from Thrill Lab?) for Excitement, Fear and Stress. The Stress was more difficult than the others to read, but this is what happened with the others:

Andy's Excitement and Fear were pretty high during the first half of the ride. However, during the inline twists, the Excitement dropped almost completely away, while the Fear remained very high.

Now personally, whilst I wouldn't say I've ever found the inlines scary, I do think this semi-confirms they aren't very exciting or exhilarating, just stuck on for the 10-inversion record. I've always thought they completely ruin the pacing.

Andy loved Rage! Surprisingly, during the vertical lift and drop, Excitement was very high and Fear low, if I recall correctly. Then Fear rose up to join Excitement and they stayed pretty high throughout the whole ride.

I felt pretty sorry for Flamingo Land! Whilst Andy was perfectly polite about Kumali, neither his Fear nor Excitement readings were ever high!

Back in the studio, Andy "predicted" he enjoyed Rage the most. Then they opened an envelope and the results "confirmed" this.

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Re: Blue Peter Yesterday by Hurri Hurri Profile at 3/26/09 12:59:38 PM

The episode is available on BBC iPlayer:

Also, tons of photos of them filming Rage here:

Glad that Rage won... Just goes to show what giving a film crew lunch can do! I jest, the results were completely legitimate. I had a chat with Andy when they were filming and he said he'd enjoyed Rage more than Colossus.