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I Still Dream of Dreamland

Posted: 3/22/09 at 10:38:21 AM
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Last weekend plans were unveiled for the Heritage Amusement Park that is hoped to open in Margate in 2012.

I love Jean-Marc Toussaint's impression of the River Caves and Water Chute, the former with dragons astride the entrance.

Let's hope they get all the funding for it.

I Dream of Dreamland

Re: I Still Dream of Dreamland by Nick at 3/22/09 5:43:32 PM

All the plans are now up on the Save Dreamland website for all to see (linked below). We would be very interested in hearing your feedback as we are currently reviewing the plans prior to submission of the grant applications.

Dreamland Heritage Amusement Park Plans

Re: I Still Dream of Dreamland by Graeme Graeme Profile at 3/22/09 6:32:32 PM

That logo is stunning. Seriously, it couldn't be better.

I also love the theming and the principle of having lots of greenery. Honestly, I can't give much feedback because it's all so well-designed and considered.

The only things I can think of is that I'd love the Roller Coaster from BPB if they get rid of it, although looking at the overhead map, it's hard to see how it could fit in. I'm sure you've thought of it anyway, but it's the only thing I can think of and I think it'd be worth not using some of the other rides if there's any way it'd fit in.

Also, it'd be really nice if the Wild Mouse could be smoothened-out from when I rode it at Southport. I know all this is an enormous effort and a lot to ask.

Re: I Still Dream of Dreamland by Nick at 3/23/09 6:56:26 PM

Thanks for your comments.

We have done some more work on the Masterplan since last Sunday and it is now much more detailed and a lot greener, with formal gardens to the west of the Scenic and a piazza/public performance space to the east. It is looking really good. I will try and get it up on the website as soon as possible.

I must admit that I have not measured to see if Roller Coaster will fit the site. We haven't looked into it because it has not been offered to us. We are talking to PBB about taking another ride, but no discussions at all about Roller Coaster.

If we did end up taking RC (and I have absolutely no idea whether it is leaving PBB), it would be the best ride on Dreamland IMHO.

Dreamland Heritage Amusement Park Plans

Re: I Still Dream of Dreamland by britcitchris britcitchris Profile at 3/24/09 6:04:37 PM

I'm officially excited about the prospect of the masterplan. But seriously....£32.000.000 is a huuuuge amount of money to raise to cover the costs of both phases. I sincerely hope you can get the funding, as what is proposed is truly unique and exciting.

All the best.