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Disneyland Paris?

Posted: 3/7/09 at 3:16:55 PM
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Hullo Everyone ^.=.^

I hope I'm doing this right. If not then feel free to throw things at me ^.=.^

I'm doing some research into Disneyland Paris and was thinking I need help... Mainly becasue I've never actually been...

I found this little forum (which is very spiffy by the way ^.=.^) and thought your expert opinions could really help me. I'd like to hear what you think of Disneyland Paris if you've been. Like, what you think of the rides there - if the thrill ride to gentle ride ratio is really uneven, and whether it's a park worth going too. I can imagine that you all have visited a wide range of theme parks (my adventures don't go much further than Thorpe Park ^.=.^) so would love to know how you rate Disney - particularly against other theme parks.

Thank you muchly <3

* This Post Has Been Modified *

* This Post Has Been Modified *