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The Pleasure Beach Blackpool

Posted: 12/27/08 at 5:49:45 PM
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With the attractions below Standing but Not Operational for the 2009 season, I think it is fair to say that all is not well in the park where it was once always summer.

Gold Mine
Alpine Golf
Noah's Ark
Griffin's Magic Dragons
Ellie's caterpillar
Space Invader 2
Hot Ice Show
Trauma Towers
Impossible (Possibly)

BITSoftheBEACH (Link Below) - Back up on themagiceye in the next few days - recalls the park from June 2004: the sad time when The Thompson Family lost two wonderful people.

A pivitol time in the park's glorious history.


Re: The Pleasure Beach Blackpool by the_winged_beast the_winged_beast Profile at 12/27/08 6:33:27 PM

Money will be invested next season, a £250K fountain will be installed and a new catering outlet in a converted shipping container

New stations for zipper dipper, monorail and ice blast, major structural repairs to ghost train, steeplechase tracks are been painted

Reading bpb guide forums, the gist of the situation is, these attractions have been closed based on the low "foot flows" and saving running costs through less staff wages, spare parts and no maintenance whatsoever

> Gold Mine
> Rollercoaster
> Alpine Golf
> Noah's Ark
> Griffin's Magic Dragons
> Ellie's caterpillar
> Space Invader 2
> Hot Ice Show
> Trauma Towers
> Impossible (Possibly)

Closing these attractions puts the £5 freedom pass out of the window, i think the park is likely to go full blown POP entry - a huge mistake - the choice of freedom pass or pop would have worked better

It's a shame that the TLC couldn't be evenly distributed around the park into trying to make these attractions popular, my last visit to the pleasure beach (February 08) i queued an hour for roller coaster (due them only been able to run one train) it seemed popular to me - i guess if you look at the cold hard maths the low throughput doesn't work out with all the money going in to make it operational, perhaps the sensible thing to do would be to invest money in upgrading the system to improve the throughput

Gold Mine is a great dark ride, perhaps better marketing/presentation efforts into letting people know what was inside would have improved rider-ship

Taking these attractions out is removing a fair chunk of the pleasure beach's historical charm, closing the attractions with no maintenance for a year surely means when or if they want to re-open them in the future they'll have to spend more money to make them operational again, so unlikely to ever re-open

I wish they'd hurry the f*%* up and sell to Parques Reunidos while there's still a park left

Re: The Pleasure Beach Blackpool by britcitchris britcitchris Profile at 12/28/08 6:04:04 PM

By beloved park has continually let me down over the last season what with stupid policy changes and of course the new pricing structure for the 09 season. No Roller Coaster? WTF? Another great woodie down the tubes. Pleasure Beach Blackpool - a once great park slowly flushing itself down the toilet bowl. I'm so disappointed.....