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Miragica (La Terra dei Giganti)

Posted: 11/18/08 at 9:34:39 AM
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Miragica formerly known as La Terra dei Giganti will open next year in the south east tip of Italy

The park's signature coaster is a modest intamin launch coaster with a funky looking bunny hill/dive top hat of sorts and lots of low to the ground twists and turns

There's a great construction gallery on work is coming along most oft he rides are built and the themeing is under way

Re: Miragica (La Terra dei Giganti) by TrickTrack TrickTrack Profile at 11/19/08 10:43:07 AM

It´s actually the same layout as Desertstorm/Rita only with this funky hill instead of a big curve.


Re: Miragica (La Terra dei Giganti) by Graeme Graeme Profile at 12/2/08 9:20:26 AM

I must admit, they're probably getting closer to the optimum layout for these, although I do still feel genuinely queasy at the idea of riding one.

Re: Miragica (La Terra dei Giganti) by Corkscrew_Foley Corkscrew_Foley Profile at 12/2/08 3:40:30 PM

Grazza, I have three launched coasters to my name, sadly I haven't been able to get on a certain rocket coaster, but theyre really not that bad. You'd be fine on one...tis all in your head. ;)