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Tivoli Kanten

Posted: 8/22/08 at 5:21:47 AM
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Tivoli gardens are proposing a redevelopment of the perimeter of the road/city locked park called Tivoli Kanten (Tivoli Edge)

Check out the amazing renderings on the project's minisite

The unique buildings will contain a mixture of restaurants and shops, the aim is to create a meeting point between the architecture of the city and the escapism of Tivoli

Personally I think this looks amazing, it feels very organic and wouldn't spoil the special atmosphere of Tivoli and would be a huge improvement on some of the unsightly walls around the edge of the park

Re: Tivoli Kanten by TrickTrack TrickTrack Profile at 8/22/08 11:44:15 AM

I think it will be met by the same opposition which was heard when they planned the hi-teck-hi-rise a few years ago.

Personally I find it much nicer than the forced retro-architecture we also see in Viennas Prater. Down with faux-rococo!!!


Re: Tivoli Kanten by Graeme Graeme Profile at 8/22/08 5:29:09 PM

Looks quite nice. I'd rather they did this than the other plan, because I hate high-rises!