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Photos from Abandoned American Adventure

Posted: 7/12/08 at 7:00:04 AM
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Shipley Lake Country Park

On the way home from Ikea we decided to take a random side trip to American Adventure, while the theme park is shut up, the country park that surrounds it is more than open, making it possible to walk fully around the perimeter of the old park

All these photos were taken on my camera phone, so excuse the quality, from outside the park, at no time did we break any rules and go inside!

Shipley Lake Country Park
^map board showing the layout of the country park, we didn't realise how far we'd have to walk!

After getting a tad lost, we eventually found what was the former rapids, this section was quite overgrown and hard to see anything as there was a big mound blocking the view into the park, we followed the path around to reveal . . .

Abandoned Adventure
^ a view looking across the lake, these are the buildings of the waterfront and new orleans mall section of the park, one of the last sections of the park which hasn't yet been demolished

Abandoned Adventure
^ Jetty around what was the Space Port/Fort area of the park, i think there may have been a hit the golf ball into the lake game here at one point

Abandoned Adventure
^ Photo taken through the big iron fence looking at what was the second entrance to the park.

Subsidence issues caused the park to move the entrance to this location, cutting through from the bottom of the carpark, there were small huts to buy your tickets from, the whole thing was temporary and a lot less impressive than the original grand entrance plaza at the top of the hill, where you entered the park to some magnificent landscaping

Abandoned Adventure
^ Sign points to the second entrance, the coach and car parking spaces were ghostly and in tact

I remember pulling up in the car during my only visit when the park was operational (around 2001) and seeing the Twin Looper peeking over the top of the embankment which separated the park and car park

Abandoned Adventure
^Superzoom alert! the Twin Looper and Alamo buildings were once here, there should be a stadium seating stand blocking our view, which originally was the venue to watch grand shows when the park first became American Adventure but in later years sad idle

Abandoned Adventure
^ Looking at the original main entrance, in the final year of trading, this entrance was re-opened to allow access to the soft play area and kiddie flat rides outside Aztec Kingdom building which operated for a winter event

Abandoned Adventure
^former main entrance which has now been boarded up

Abandoned Adventure
^ Photo taken by reaching over the top of the fence, you can make out some buildings which once formed the entrance plaza

Abandoned Adventure
^ photo taken by reaching underneath the fence!

It was very sad to see what has become of American Adventure especially when it was just plain bad business sense to remove the big rides which ultimately lead to the inevitable closure of the park

When I visited in 2001 the park had so much potential, it had a strong foundation of rides which make up the backbone of a good theme park, it had a fantastic log flume and rapids, a runaway train and looping coasters.

It had already set out themed lands with a good balance of attractions and supporting amenities, restaurants and shops

All it really needed was some good TLC, and a more effective marketing push to get visitors back to the park, but sadly it was just left to rot until it fell apart at the seams


Re: Photos from Abandoned American Adventure by JaiB JaiB Profile at 7/12/08 1:41:56 PM

That was one hike & a half, but was well worth it, I never got the chance to visit the park but had heard alot about it as I had family who helped build it back in the Granada ownership days...

The park looks like a set off a scooby doo film now, it was very eerily quiet and it just seemed like it had been completely forgotten about...

Someone has to seriously step in and do something with the place as its got alot of potential and I'm sure now the locals would rather have something there, then the current scar / eyesore on the land...


Re: Photos from Abandoned American Adventure by Graeme Graeme Profile at 7/12/08 5:57:03 PM

> That was one hike & a half, but was well worth it,

I don't believe it. I do not believe it.

I was just about to post "That's a pity and a half" in response to these haunting pictures, then I see you've used the same phrase!

Another coincidence is that I'd just loaded up this thread earlier on in the day, closed it and then someone came round my house asking me if American Adventure was still open!!!

I can't believe all the coincidences around this park today! It must be "Magic American Adventure Day" or something!

A third coincidence is that I was just thinking about this park the other day, thinking how much the UK has changed.

There's a serious point to all this, of course, and Winged Beast is right about what a great set-up they had. It was so major, you can't blame people for expecting it to still be there.

Re: Photos from Abandoned American Adventure by Corkscrew_Foley Corkscrew_Foley Profile at 7/13/08 3:18:57 AM

I forget at times it's closed, and what a shame, from what I saw, it looked like a great park!

Re: Photos from Abandoned American Adventure by stealthmad29 stealthmad29 Profile at 7/19/08 11:48:09 AM

why did it close?
and another thing it was such a shame because it was on of the best theme parks in Britain. my best ride was the "sky coaster".