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EuroStar sold

Posted: 7/9/08 at 11:45:33 AM
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The rumours were making the rounds for quite some time, and now the decission came pretty fast: EuroStar, the big transportable Inverter has been sold to Moscows Gorki Park!

Apparantly the ride was still scheduled to play in D├╝sseldorf in the summer (there was even a funny publicity stunt: Seats at a bus-stop had four yellow OTSR installed!) but has left the country over night to Russia.

This leaves Germany with only 2 1/2 big coasters: Olympia Looping, Alpina Bahn and the indoor chameleon coaster Magic Mountain/Star World/H├Âllenblitz.

Gorki Park has already become a home (if not graveyard) for many big travelling rides from Germany. There is a recent TR at Theme Park Review which indicates that the park in a not-too-fortunate state.

I have actually skipped riding EuroStar a long time ago. I thought it was great in its first years, but it was a braked down, shuffling mess of a ride in its last years.

I saw it in Hamburg in the spring and had no regrets of not riding it...