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Scarborough Water Chute

Posted: 7/4/08 at 5:28:58 AM
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The 1932 Water Chute has re-opened in Scarborough Evening newshas the full article and video

You can see photos of the complete state the ride was in a few seasons back on UkRides

The Ride used to be part of the admission to Kinderland childrens park which closed last year, however it has been saved by the North Bay Railway Company, who also operate the Miniature Railway

There are also plans to restore the chairlifts which are rusting away following the dimise of marvels amusement park

Amazingingly they only spent £10,000 to get the ride operational again, it makes you wonder how Lightwater Valley made the decision to well not remove theirs but saw the end off and plonk a ferris wheel down

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