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Alton Towers Trip Report

Posted: 6/16/08 at 4:45:05 PM
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My first theme park visit of the season saw me and some friends on a warm summers day lapping up the fun and excitement Alton Towers delivers.

I was making the trip with my old school theme park buddy, simon. But also my friend Leanne who I haven't seen in over 15 years. I went to primary school with her but lost touch and have only recently got to know her again through facebook. She brought her friend nicola.

Originally my friend John was supposed to be coming but he had to cancel as he had a driving lesson. A phone call when we'd stopped at Maccy D and it turned out he could make it after all as his driving instructor had cancelled. Obviously too far to turn around and go get him, I said sorry buddy next time.... But he'd already phoned another friend and they were actually at the park! Cheeky git! Great to have him there too though!

Anyways, we entered the park at around 9.50 and met up with john and his mate near the chain that they release at 10 on the dot. We headed over to Rita which was shutdown so decided to go on Oblivion! Great to see Mr Winged_Beast operating and we had a brief chat before moving on.

Next we had a ride on submission and enterprise. Standard stuff, all a lot of fun! And short queuing times too! Then a quick go on the hole in one game and onwards through the woods to the Forbidden Valley. The skyride wasn't working so we knackered ourselves walking down and up the valley! I suppose it was good for me.. lol!

A great ride on Ripsaw, getting soaked in the process and a quick dry off on Air, followed by Nemesis! No major queues so we were happy.

We then headed back to where the teacups used to be and had a bite to eat in the bbq restaurant, (riding duel on the way). I was incredibly impressed with the staff at the bbq restaurant. They were friendly, courteous and enthusiastic despite the great pressure they were under! One girl asked me what rides i'd been on and what my favourites were etc. I sent them an email saying how impressed I was.

A quick toddle over to Rita which was shutdown again and decided to go ride Charlie and the choc factory. I think its pretty fun and something different but only if there is no queue, which there wasn't.

Back to Rita and it was finally working! Queued for 20 mins and rode on row 2. VERY ROUGH! Wasn't too impressed. Came off with a sore neck! Rode the rapids and then spinball whizzer. After this it was time to head off home.

We had a great day and it was brilliant seeing Leanne again after such a long time. Weather was nice, staff was good, and we rode pretty much everything we wanted to.

Very impressed for a change!!


Re: Alton Towers Trip Report by the_winged_beast the_winged_beast Profile at 6/25/08 6:45:36 PM

> decided to go on Oblivion! Great to see Mr Winged_Beast
> operating and we had a brief chat before moving on.

Nice to catch up again Tom, glad to hear you had a great day

nice weather and good company/friends are always ingredients for a grand day out at a theme park