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Europe gets number one woodie again!

Posted: 12/2/99 at 7:08:52 AM
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The results of Mitch Hawkere's internation woodies poll are in, and the 1999 winner is Parc Asterix's Tonnerre de Zeus. Last year's winner, Shivering Timbers, was narrowly beaten into second, while the 96 & 97 winner MegaFobia takes third place. Of the other European entries, Blackpool's Grand National came 19th, Big Dipper finished 43rd and Wild Mouse 63rd, with Southport Pleasureland's Cyclone in 60th and Rotunda's side friction Runaway Coaster in 64th. Warner Movie World's new Wild Wild West was a disappointing 101st, finishing behind Blackpool's Roller Coaster, Yarmouth's Roller Coaster, Tivoli's Rutschebanen and others.

For full results go to: