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Pleasurewood Hills old park maps

Posted: 5/25/08 at 1:48:27 PM
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Some time ago, I came across a website with a number of old Pleasurewood Hills maps, some of which were from the first few years of the parks existance. (The site was at

It was really intersting to see how the park had changed over the years and I wanted to take another look at them, but the site now appears to have closed.

Does anyone have them saved or know if they are available elsewhere? If not, does anyone know who put the site together as I am really keen to take a look at them again...

Hope someone can help. Cheers!

Re: Pleasurewood Hills old park maps by leon leon Profile at 5/26/08 12:13:34 PM

It looks like the domain has been sold or (hopeful) the content is just being updated and will be transferred to a new site, or re-instigated?!

I have visited the site before, and the old park leaflets looked terrific. Sadly and stupidly, I did not save them for a situation like this :(

I hope someone else has!

Re: Pleasurewood Hills old park maps by charliexjx charliexjx Profile at 6/2/08 9:51:00 AM

I spent ages looking at them old PWH maps on there, I absoutely loved that website and was gutted when I saw the link didnt work no more!

Out of all the parks on there, that website had more old maps of PWH than any other!

it was so interesting seeing what the park was like in its first year, and every other year thereafter!