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Baby Alton

Posted: 5/8/08 at 2:09:29 PM
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More Alton news, this time for babies! I'm hoping the sighting of Mr Wardley is not related to this bit of news!


Point here and click!

Re: Baby Alton by deeve at 5/13/08 5:16:08 PM

im in shick and have been since i read the news on another site. I think alton towers has lost the plot completley. I look at whats being built in europe and the usa and think what have we done to deserve this. I mean a rollercoaser for babies as if they can get excited about that prior to boarding. I mean what would the on ride photos be like. Im gonna boycot alton towers until they sort it out. What should be happening is the corkscrew should go the area behing there should be cleared and a world class coaster constructed.

Re: Baby Alton by britcitchris britcitchris Profile at 5/14/08 12:37:35 PM

I know what you mean, Deeve. The thrill seeker is slowly being pushed away from Alton the more it turns into a family resort. However, I do respect the idea and innovation behind the ride. It's just a shame that the thrill seeker is not (or more likely, cannot) get the same treatment.

As for the Corkscrew, I can't imagine that going anywhere for several years to come. It's a classic ride (despite it being rough as heck) and it still has my fave view of the surrounding countryside from it's lift hill.


Re: Baby Alton by Graeme Graeme Profile at 5/17/08 9:29:41 AM

Maybe I'm being overly sensitive, but it seems a bit odd putting a baby on a ride. I'm sure it's been well designed, but I just think rides should be for those who choose to go on them. I used to love the Snails at Joyland, but I was about 5 and chose to ride them.

As for what Deeve said, of course he's right. Maybe it's just my old age but it no longer bothers me when parks don't build anything good. After all, I'm used to it! :D

What bothers me more is when parks build rides I see as the wrong choice. This is why I've been vocal about Colossus, Rita, Wipeout and the forthcoming Thorpe Park coaster. I don't do it to annoy the park's fans. It's just that a large ride takes up the park's budget, time and space for a good many years.

Take Wipeout at Pleasurewood Hills. Grevin took over the park in 2004. I feel like we've spent 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 in the planning and aftermath of that one coaster. The fact that a 2nd-hand, uninteresting (to me) ride can dominate a park's plans for so long is the reason I say things some don't like to hear. I never mean any offence.

Of course, I don't expect parks to be able to afford coasters every year, but they could have had a good ride.

As for Alton, I'd have rather they stuck to their old "Secret Weapon" plans. We had Air in 2002. Instead of plonking Rita down in 2005 and making a mess, I'd have rather they did it better and opened it in 2006, even if it was still a rocket coaster and even if they'd removed Corkscrew for it. Then we'd be onto another well-planned coaster for 2010.