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The Nemesis needs to be put inside...

Posted: 4/22/08 at 10:51:15 PM
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I've loved Roller Coasters all my life like most of you probably and afterwhile I just got bored of going on bigger and faster roller coasters because they tend to just be about the drop. Problem I have with many coasters is they just don't scary me and seem very generic and look often out of place, big peices of ugly metal. I don't really like alot of Roller coasters because they don't seem to be themed and just become very boring and meh.... like the trend of coasters that's been made on the design of Stealh (Thorpe Park) which I know wasn't the first one but the only name I remember lol.

I remember in 1994 (i think) The Nemesis was opened and it was the first coaster I really remember and that stuck in my brain because it was themed to be a scary alien. I was only 7 at the time and I was tooo short to go on it so I was sad lol, however I remember just looking at how amazing it looked. This big alien with the station in it and waterfalls of blood and the music was really kool with the queues going all round it. I finally got to go on it the next year and loved every moment of it, now it wasn't the biggest or fastest but it was the most exciting because of the theme and remember being amazed by how compact and well made it was.

Only problem with the Nemesis now is they are letting it age abit and you can see signs of wear and they arn't bothering to put much money into updating it. One thing i'd love to see happen is to go over the top and abit American Universal studios with it and stick the ride inside and make it really dark with the music playing and ambient noises and lighting. Really play on it's theme so it's dark and scary in there and you come face to face with the alien and I dunno just make more of it to scare ou before you get on the ride. I know it wont happen and it's a real shame because I think they could make sooo much more of that. I think that new Nemesis styled ride called the Black Mumba is it? Is fantastic too with it's theme and how well made it is and compact.... they really did the most with the space they have.

I was on this ride called Revenge of the Mummy and while not the most exciting of tracks the theme and the frights really makes it one of the most exciting rides i've been on. I really wish lots more roller Coasters could really build upon this and start to make more of the theme.

I know people will disagree because they like being outside but the problem with that is the weather and the fact that you can't make outside during the day horror themed, scary or dark lol. I just believe this would be a great move to try and put my fave Roller Coaster of all time back in the public eye and really just say to everyone it's still a amazing themed and upto date coaster. They obviously have to theme the outside cover right though, can't just put a metal box over it or something lol.

(For the record i've been on Roller coasters from Aemrica to Japan, but still THe Nemesis is my fave.)

Re: The Nemesis needs to be put inside... by Graeme Graeme Profile at 4/23/08 9:31:16 AM

Good post.

Whilst I wouldn't like Nemesis to be put indoors, I agree with your main point that "bigger and faster" pieces of bare steel are uninspiring. Rides like Stealth are purely for thrillseekers and don't fire up the imagination at all.

This is one reason I like the wooden coaster at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach so much. There are no true dark bits, but you travel within the structure a lot, which gives the coaster more form and makes it seem enormous (it's only 70ft).

I think you will like Thorpe Park's 2009 coaster, which has an indoor section. It is similar to Dollywood's Mystery Mine, which also has indoor sections. Another coaster you should check out is G'Sengte Sau at Tripsdrill - again, not really dark, as far as I'm aware, but much of it is indoors and the journey is defined by where you are in relation to the architecture. (We have a near-clone of it in the UK, at Paultons, which is great but unthemed.) And yes, Black Mamba at Phantasialand looks great.

You are right that theming and animatronics work better in the dark, but you also need to be going slowly to appreciate them. Perhaps the solution is to have themed, indoor sections on the slow bits of the ride (beginning and end?) and to have fast, outdoor bits to draw people on.

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Re: The Nemesis needs to be put inside... by britcitchris britcitchris Profile at 4/23/08 2:26:32 PM

Agreed, great post there Miffy. There's no reason why another suspended coaster like Nemesis can't be done indoors. With the right investment and fore thought, you could really create a great experience. I do like your idea of having scary bits before the ride. I do think that Nemesis has aged well though and infact a rugged look suits the terrain that envelops the ride.

At Legoland in Windsor, they have a Dragon Coaster that trundles slowly around with loads to marvel at and it's like a slow tour around some great Lego models. It then heads outside the castle and becomes a proper coaster. It is a very unique ride.

In my opinion, the last really decently themed ride in the u.k. was Valhalla at Pleasure Beach, Blackpool. It truly is a spectacle of all the senses (when all the bits are working ;-) as well as the best water ride that I have ridden in the u.k. They recently added some new changes to the ride and brought in some people from the states to make the changes. That shows me that aftercare and investment can be done, here on this soggy island!