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Alton Towers Advert

Posted: 3/30/08 at 5:00:22 PM
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I must say that I do like the new Alton Towers advert but I'm not sure about the false advertising. I'm referring to the very large red coaster track in the background of the final shot. It sits behind the Towers themselves. As this coaster does not exist (but everything else in the picture does), surely people that have not been for some time will think that the red coaster will actually be there. I'd feel sorry for anyone that thought 'wow, that looks great' and drives all the way there, only to find it absent......

Re: Alton Towers Advert by Corkscrew_Foley Corkscrew_Foley Profile at 3/30/08 11:49:51 PM

That sounds like what Six Flags, Paramount, and now Cedar Fair do over here Chris... show another coaster from another park. It's like they're ashamed of Rita and are trying to make her look better.

Re: Alton Towers Advert by Graeme Graeme Profile at 3/31/08 8:53:47 AM

Chris, I completely agree with you. The computer graphics are very realistic and some people have asked me (with some surprise) if that's what Alton is really like now. Why draw something you don't have? Personally, I only noticed the Enterprise as "real", but maybe I should take a closer look.

That said, I do also like the advert, like you do. The first night I saw it, I had a dream that Alton had set up a free subterranean network. The entrance was just before the pay kiosks, and you could walk under the park, popping up in "mole holes" at key points, such as Forbidden Valley!

I was so excited to "be" at Alton Towers, but I had to seriously consider whether it was worth going in, or I should just use the tunnels for photo opportunities! Freud would have a field day!