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Posted: 3/28/08 at 8:19:40 AM
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If enyone of you got roler couster gor sell please contactme on my email.Or maybe samone wanth to open park here on the balkan that will be first park here for the 40 milion people who want take fun at the park.That will be good investment here in MACEDONIA AND HERE IS LOW TAKS that mean more mouny for you.CONTACT ME becouse for your bisnis is good to contact me.I will found you good place for a litlle moune to open the park.

Re: Hi by britcitchris britcitchris Profile at 3/28/08 11:47:10 AM

Hello Macedonian,

Do you accept monies from the Bank Of Nigeria? I'm sure if you check your emails regularly, you will find one of their most generous offers awaiting in your spam folder.

Re: Hi by LizardsOmen at 4/2/08 7:15:23 AM

wow, interesting. Macedonia is a republic in the heart of Greece. They did have 1 theme park, Magic Land, which closed in 2001. Would this be the park you're reffering too?

Here's my favorite site for used rides for sale.

And yes, and amazing tax rate. A Flat tax of 10%, very suitable there.

erm... regarding ma monies. I won't be sending it to you of course, I'd rather make the investment myself. Are there any links you could provide us with details of this new theme park?

If it doesn't kick off, then it sounds like a great place for my theme park to go! Espically with that low tax rate. Anyone wanna invest in me :D