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Hi Everyone

Posted: 3/15/08 at 1:29:03 PM
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Hiya everyone,

Just thought I'd come back and say Hi to my coaster family again after all these years :D Who's still about?

Last time I check this forum I musta been about 15 years old. I'm 20 now and going to university. Been playing roller coaster tycoon 3 alot recently and I'm completing the Soaked expansion :D

Also wondering what the latest news for this year is. Any new rides appearing?

With love.

Re: Hi Everyone by Graeme Graeme Profile at 3/16/08 6:15:30 PM

Hello John, very pleased to see you.

There's not much happening this year - a very small junior coaster at Drayton Manor, a splash battle at Alton, a gyro swing at Flamingo Land and a thorough revamp of the dark ride at Southend are all that spring to mind.

Re: Hi Everyone by britcitchris britcitchris Profile at 3/16/08 6:17:33 PM

Hi there,

Yep, it's a grim year for new rides in the UK. There are some small changes at Blackpool Pleasure Beach that i'd like to see, but they can wait until next year.



Re: Hi Everyone by LizardsOmen at 3/16/08 6:32:30 PM

Awwww, I was hoping to hear about 2008 woodie plans being put forward. Oh well, looking forward to another season though. Not Long!

Re: Hi Everyone by d_n_s_u at 3/21/08 5:50:28 AM

Welcome back!! :-)

Do I remember correctly that you originally went by the name: Talon??


Re: Hi Everyone by Nick at 3/21/08 6:35:29 PM


Hello from somebody else who doesn't come to this board as much as he should do any more!

Just think of all the parks we have lost since you were 15: Pleasureland, Amercian Adventure, Dreamland, Rotunda, Ocean Beach, Shipley Glen. Probably some more that I have forgotten. And the pace of new coaster development has slowed considerably in the last five years; and what does get built tends to be less 'glamorous' than it was back then.

We are definitely overdue a URC reunion party!


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Re: Hi Everyone by LizardsOmen at 3/26/08 1:28:19 PM

Oh no, Tussards may be great, but they shouldn't have a monopoly.

and I think I might of registered an account called talon, but this was my orignal screen name.

Re: Hi Everyone by Graeme Graeme Profile at 3/27/08 3:16:56 PM

The posts in this thread have really made me think. The climate we're in now is so different to five years ago.

We have one confirmed coaster (Thorpe), but no rumoured coasters, and certainly no woodie rumours. With a very few exceptions, the small and medium-sized parks haven't taken the opportunity to match or exceed the Tussauds parks. I always thought Megafobia was an example of how you could get a ride which was as important as a "Nemesis" or "Oblivion", yet much cheaper.

I don't think the rides today are the type to make people passionate, or create new enthusiasts, so to speak.