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Gt Yarmouth Report 02/03/08

Posted: 3/2/08 at 6:26:31 PM
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Just a quickie report before retiring for the night. The family and I had a visit to Yarmouth for a few hours today. We had spent the morning in nearby Beccles and had thought a few hours of sea air would be a nice thing on Mothers Day before heading back to Norwich for a meal out.

The main thing about our visit that impressed me the most was the huge improvements to the sea front. The new, modern lamposts make a massive difference to the overall seafront image and I really think the rundown look of the front is a thing of the past. The new cobblestone sections of road near Hollywood Cinema, make a very positive change and this all blends in nicely to the improvements to the pedestrian walkways on the front, near by. The overhead lights and modern lamposts are also a welcome addition to the tacky but fun, Regent Road. The improvements do reduce the tacky look by quite an extent. This is the long road that connects the sea front (opposite Britannia Pier) to the pedestrianised city centre shops and it's this road where cheap dvd and cd shops blurt out Foster And Alan and dodgy Country And Western ;-) A highlight of any visit to Yarmouth, especially during peak season.

Almost all the main arcades were open (but didn't spot any new games of interest)and their fronts and signs were shiny and cleaned up. Both piers were open but naturally not the pleasure beach. I caught no signs of any work going on there, too, so I can spread no rumours, I'm afraid ;-)

I Also liked the look of Yesterday's Emporium. A very new looking indoor attraction that's on the front on the site of a previous, large pub. Yarmouth could definitely do with more attractions like this. I only wish we had the time to go in. Another time, most definitely.

Overall, I was hugely impressed with the investments made so far into renovating the seafront. The council have done a bang up job on improving the image and the front looks very impressive with it's new look. Now if only some serious money could be put into the Pleasure Beach, I'd be even happier :-)


Re: Gt Yarmouth Report 02/03/08 by Graeme Graeme Profile at 3/3/08 9:07:19 AM

Thanks Chris, I look forward to seeing all the improvements.

It would be nice to see some new investment in the Pleasure Beach, I must admit, as I believe the last new rides were the Disk'O/Sky Drop combo in 2004.

I saw a report on Anglia News last week that the "large" casino has got the go-ahead but, to my surprise, Albert Jones (of the Pleasure Beach) is only one of the (many?) competitors to build it. Also, it would not be built for at least two years from now, for some reason.

Presumably, all the money is tied up in that at the moment. All the same, I look forward to any new investment, including the port.

Re: Gt Yarmouth Report 02/03/08 by britcitchris britcitchris Profile at 3/3/08 2:41:38 PM

Thanks Graeme,

The last new ride was Evolution but still, that was two years ago. It would be nice to see the area behind Roller Coaster be used for a new ride instead of storage. I think a Eurofighter would suit the park superbly and the investment needed wouldn't be that high. (But a ride like a Eurofighter would be better off in the front of the park, naturally.)


Re: Gt Yarmouth Report 02/03/08 by Graeme Graeme Profile at 3/4/08 7:18:42 AM

Thanks for reminding me of the Evolution!

I agree, a Euro Fighter would suit the park perfectly, especially that small, figure-eight model; even though I'd prefer a non-looping coaster, personally, that we'd all ride when we go up there (three of us ride the Roller Coaster, and would ride a Gerstlauer Bobsled, but we wouldn't ride the Euro Fighter).