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Posted: 3/2/08 at 3:26:15 AM
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Over the last couple of years my family and I have visited Camelot in Lancashire on several occasions and really enjoyed ourselves.

There have been some moans and groans on one occasion (Standard of food / a swarm of bees) but not enough to stop us visiting.

Far from it.

Knightmare is truly a wonderful coaster.

As a result of one of our visits I interviewed Will Tilston a ride op for themagiceye (Will is a great ambassador for the park - His article will be up on themagiceye towards the end of the year)

In 2005 the Trp report "Day of the Knights" appeared on these boards and it is now back up on themagiceye at Joyland.

Although it may be a slight, whimsical and somewhat indulgent piece of writing from that time I do think it takes on a more interesting and poignant slant today.

I'm concerned for Camelot.

£35 for a season pass??

Are they serious??

Why so cheap??

Is there going to be a full season??

If there is, will it be its last??

I truly hope not.

Most people who viewed the original article back then took notice of the final page (linked)

I think the first paragraph still holds sway today despite the introduction of a classic coaster.

Take heed all you park lovers out there.

We live in dangerous times.

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Day of the Knights