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summer holiday

Posted: 2/13/08 at 5:11:43 PM
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i'm going to benidorm in june has anyone been to terra mitica .
whats it like ?
any tips ?

Re: summer holiday by brad brad Profile at 2/14/08 9:39:21 AM

Yeah ive been before....but this was quite a while ago since the addition of the two latest coasters.

The park is so lovely even to walk around because the themeing is top notch.

Magnus Collosus, is one awesome woody, when we went there was no queues for it what so ever. However, things may have changed since then.

They have a nice collection of water rides, including a shoot the chutes, log flume and rapids. All of which are very well themed.

Make sure however you go on the labyrinth of the minotaur ... its a shoot em up ride created by sally corp ... and from what i can remember, the effects etc are amazing.

There was one ride ... (cant remember what it was called) which was also an indoor dark ride. Well, lets just say the queue makes the ride seem extremely scary ... until you actually ride it. May have changed though ... i dont know.

Anyways, have a good time especially since youve now got the intamin ball coaster and the vekoma slc.