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CdA offload Panorama-Park

Posted: 1/28/08 at 4:08:25 PM
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Compagnie des Alpes have sold Panorama-Park Germany to a local entrepreneur, who plans to remove the ride side of the park to focus on the Wildlife aspect of the park

I've gathered this information from belgium, dutch and german websites, so this is what i can gather based on rough translations, does anybody have any more information?


Re: CdA offload Panorama-Park by Graeme Graeme Profile at 1/28/08 5:57:26 PM

I wonder if they're selling their others?

Re: CdA offload Panorama-Park by TrickTrack TrickTrack Profile at 1/29/08 4:55:45 AM

Oh, i have not written anything about this, because frankly: I couldnt care less. I never cared for the park, that is.

The announcement came just at the end of the season. A big shock for the employees and for the public, who had no chance to "say goddbye".

Panorama Park and Fort Fun are very close together and have about the same amount of visitors. So the company saw that they could not grow with those two parks. They sold Panorama Park to a young entrepeneur who made his money with a cleaning company!

Apparantly, due to contractual obligations Pano-Park can not be sold on as a fun park, so they will get ride of the rides and continue to operate as an wild-animal park.

Some of the rides, like a large custom built Zierer Tivoli coaster will probably be torn down. Some other stuff might go to Fort Fun.

Sadly CdA is horrible when it comes to spending money on new rides. They didn´t do much to get in new guests and they didn´t broaden their appeal (Pano Park was always a park for families with small kids).

Both parks have a nice location in the hills and they could have profited greatly from some nice terrain woodie.


Re: CdA offload Panorama-Park by Corkscrew_Foley Corkscrew_Foley Profile at 1/31/08 3:53:30 PM

This sounds almost exactly like what happened with Geauga Lake. Not good either way.