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Vekoma family coaster for Tibidabo, Barcelona

Posted: 1/26/08 at 3:14:23 PM
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Its delayed for a long time but Vekoma have a simulation of the new family coaster for Tibidabo on their site.
Its done very well and looks like a "Badnitrus" production.

The coaster will replace a Mack powered coaster and has a great location on the hillside. Tibidabo has one of the most amazing locations.

Re: Tibidabo / Vekoma Website by the_winged_beast the_winged_beast Profile at 1/28/08 9:46:42 AM

The Tibidabo coaster looks like it'll be enchanced greatly by that dramatic setting, reminds me slightly of Coaster at PlopsaCoo

Vekoma's new website is a great imrpovement on the last one, sad to see that tilt/thrill lift coasters have been removed but encouraging to see the addition of the stingray, big air, splash party and spinning coaster

Vekoma always have lots of interesting concepts on offer, its kind of sad that they don't get many orders, i remember some drawings of a "Switch n Go" system in First Drop, which was a 2 train high capacity replacement for the boomerang coaster, that used 4-across floorless trains and track switches to cram a lot of action into an extremely small footprint

If you click on the design & engineering page of the corporate section, there's a rendering of a 4 across sitdown coaster train with their new style of restraint - so perhaps they are planning to offer a 4 across looper


Re: Vekoma family coaster for Tibidabo, Barcelona by hatt at 1/28/08 5:03:27 PM

Sorry for talking big, but isnt it a Zamperla Powered Coaster? Anyways, the vekoma coaster looks great and reminds me as well to the very nice Plopsacoo coaster. Great to see that there are still parks building a classic sit down non-looper...

Re: Vekoma family coaster for Tibidabo, Barcelona by Graeme Graeme Profile at 1/31/08 6:01:24 PM

Great stuff, just my thing.

Re: Vekoma family coaster for Tibidabo, Barcelona by d_n_s_u at 2/1/08 1:26:51 PM

I said it years ago upon these hallowed boards and I'm going to say it again:

Tibidabo is a wonderful park in a beautiful city.

Every Park enthusiast should make it a must-do! :-)