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Japan Roller Coasters

Posted: 12/31/07 at 6:14:59 PM
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As a kid, I always saw pictures of these amazing coasters in Japan.
Now that Im going, I want to get my groove on and certainly not at Tokyo Disney.

Can anyone help?

Re: Japan Roller Coasters by Absimilliard Absimilliard Profile at 1/2/08 12:07:52 AM

Tokyo Disney Sea is the best theme park in the world in my view. The best dark rides, theming, entertainement, etc.

Tokyo Disneyland is a "best of" of Florida's Magic Kingdom and California's Disneyland. Great parades and Pooh's Hunny Hunt is unique and unbelievable. Big Thunder Mountain is exceptional.

Universal Studios Japan is a bit on the smaller side, but maintenance is top notch and Hollywood Dream: The Ride is a nice little hyper. J-Pop 1 music is the best!

Fuji-Q is an horrible mess of a park. Ugly, bad rides and bad operation. 7-8 minutes dispatch on Eejanaika? 5 minutes to move 5 feet in the waiting line for Dodonpa? One train every 5 minutes for Fujiyama?

Thunder Dolphin at LaQua is a nice hyper... Too bad Intamin forgot to include airtime.

So, if you don't include Tokyo Disney, what will you visit?

Re: Japan Roller Coasters by TrickTrack TrickTrack Profile at 1/2/08 4:55:57 AM

DonĀ“t forget Yomiuriland. They have a great Hypercoaster "Bandit" and the huge (but mediocre) White Cxclone woody.