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Steam Powered Roll Back!

Posted: 12/29/07 at 2:02:44 PM
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We visited Lakeside Country Park today at Eastleigh and rode the miniature steam railway. It's an excellent attraction with authentic trains from Thomas The Tank Engine. A staff member even dressed up as the fat controller! Anyhoo, as we approached the station on the way back, the train stopped too short and we rolled back down the hill! It was a fun if unexpected bonus, especially watching the guard at the back, standing up, red flag in hand as the train sped up as it rolled down the hill! Never mind waiting for this to happen on Stealth, just ride Gordon at Eastleigh!

Re: Steam Powered Roll Back! by Graeme Graeme Profile at 1/8/08 9:48:21 AM

The funny thing is, I visited a park the day after you, and it reminded me of being in a theme park. My ambition is to buy a large park and turn it into a theme park, whilst not destroying a single tree.

I'd fit roller coasters in, hopefully wooden coasters (imagine plunging into a wooded valley) that take you on a journey that is inaccessible by foot. Same goes for transport rides. I'd also like a railway around the entire park, and maybe a boat ride too.