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Theme Park Round UP 2007

Posted: 12/22/07 at 10:27:58 AM
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Well it's been a busy year, theme park wise. Admittedley, most trips have been to the usual haunts but we did manage a first for us and that was Fantasy Island.

Starting off with Fantasy Island then, I found it a fun but poorly located park and also in need of some refurbishment. The outdoor areas are seriously lacking in love at the moment. However, I got to ride Jubilee Odyssey and Millenium Coaster for the first time and both rides were smooth and fun. My favourite being Jubilee Odyssey. Fast, smooth and thrilling. Also, the track layout is superb and towers over the cheapsville market. An impressive sight and an impressive ride.

Thorpe Park was next and was fun as always. Lots of thrills and of course the mighty Stealth was abused several times.

BPB in the summer holidays was next and as usual, a great time was had. My highlight was the contraversial Infusion. I feel it is better located, here at mighty Blackpool, surrounded by great coasters such as the Big One and Big Dipper. I do lament the Log Flume, I truly do but I am more than happy with Infusion. The blend of water themeing with this ride is world class and makes a good coaster, a world class one. Well done BPB.

We then hit the rest of the parks in the Autumn, starting off with a weekend of Chessington and Thorpe. Chessington proved itself an excellent family park with thrills for all ages. Dragon's Fury and Vampire were top rides and there was plenty for britcit jnr to ride on too. Excellent stuff. Thorpe however was a huge disappointment this time, as several rides were shut and no free tickets or discounted vouchers were given out as a sorry. A poor show indeed.

Alton Towers followed and I had many goes on Nemesis, thanks to the single rider queue. When not abused by large groups, this is a valuable time saver if you are on your own for a spell. Alton had some good rides for Britcit Jnr and we had a great time.

Finally, Legoland was at the end of our Autumn tour and was well worth the visit for it's fireworks and kids rides. Legoland also surprised me with it providing baby changing rooms in male and female toilets. At last, a park that realises that dads change nappies too! I was a bit disappointed in the lack of rides for just toddlers. Lots of the kids rides have height restrictions and this just leaves a few that toddlers can be taken on, meaning these have biiig queues. Surprising.

Our tour would have encompassed less rides had it not been for all parks (except BPB and Fantasy Island) providing the Parent Swap system. This idea truly saves time and gets you on more rides. Chessington even had a system for little ones to leave the queue to go to the toilet and then rejoin the rest of the family in the queue without being accused of queue jumping. A great idea.

Okay, there were no proper new rides this year and I was disappointed by that but this year was the year of the Inverted for me. Infusion and Jubilee Odyssey just blew me away with smooth, exhilarating thrills and to get 4 goes on Nemesis in 10 minutes was a great rush. Also, Autumn is by far the best time to visit the theme parks. If you do not mind it a bit cooler, you will find all the parks, nice and quiet with 25 min queues being the max wait. Many rides, we almost walked on.

Next year I hope we can get to Gt Yarmouth and Southend inbetween the usual visits.

Have a great xmas everyone.


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Re: Theme Park Round UP 2007 by Graeme Graeme Profile at 12/22/07 11:12:08 AM

I didn't do much this year, but I did (and really enjoyed) as much as I wanted to.

Rage at Southend proved scarier than I expected, but I think it's a very neat coaster. The small height somewhat offsets the scariness of the vertical lift, and vice versa.

I didn't get to ride Knightmare, but I have it pencilled-in for whenever I'm up in the North West again.

My overwhelming travel/coaster highlight of the year was Dorset. I enjoyed Weymouth, Portland, Brownsea Island (in Poole Harbour) and, of course, Paultons.

I expected Cobra to be good, but it was even better than I expected. I've never been that impressed with a 50ft coaster/wild mouse before, but this really proved you can have all the Gs and smooth movements in a small coaster.

So, yes, I was very happy with this year.

> Have a great xmas everyone.

You too, and everyone on here. No matter what happens in the coaster scene, I feel proud that URC can be united in peace and goodwill.