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Posted: 11/21/07 at 8:33:33 PM
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I recieved my American Coaster Enthusiast fall magazine "Rollercoaster" in the mail today. It features an article on Powerland in Vaasa, Findland. Also spotlighted as part of Powerland is the GCII twister "Thunderbird" built in 2006.
I tryed to look up Powerland on the park locator and did not find it. It is a new park, built in 2002. Have any of you from the European contingent been to Powerland? The article also notes that Vaasa is near the Artic Circle if 400ks south is considered near. It does raise the question, "What is the most northerly park and rollercoaster?". Vaasa is Latitude 63N 02N 42

Mikey Mad

Re: Powerland by Fraser Fraser Profile at 11/22/07 8:30:03 AM

It's called Powerpark

here's the website

Re: Powerland by Mikey_Mad Mikey_Mad Profile at 11/22/07 7:11:02 PM

> It's called Powerpark

> here's the website

The magazine article came with lots of photos. The entrance is clealy signed "Powerland". I went to the site (thank you for that) and it seems Powerpark may apply to the whole complex (which includes hotel and go karts ect) however the amusement park portion is refered to as Powerland.

Mikey Mad

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Re: Powerland by Cal at 11/23/07 9:00:31 AM

PowerPark is the name of the whole thing (park plus indoor and outdoor gokart circuits) whilst Powerland is just the ride area. Confusing I know.

I went in July with the ECC and it's a great little park - not big, but there are some interesting rides. The boomerang there is the smoothest I've ever ridden (although it's relatively new). As for Thunderbird, it's a great coaster. Not huge, but full of action, and just plain good old fashioned fun.

It's very out of the way but if you can get there, it's worth it.