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Notes from some Big Theme Parks (7)

Posted: 11/5/07 at 3:45:32 PM
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That's all spotted the deliberate mistake..Should be part 8..not 7..You all noticed that didn't you?...Hmmm.... :-)

Anyways, what a bloody fantastic 15 days!!

Some final thoughts:

Loved the holiday and would recommend it to all who love Theme Parks and don't mind getting up at the crack of dawn and going to bed late.

Surprised by the amount of elderly people working at Disney World (Doing it for the love of it or because they have to??) Two ladies who served us at a Fast Food Restaurant must have been in their mid 70s and looked hassled and tired.

Had we all been on a bus believe me when I say I would have offered both of them a seat.

Hated the Strongbow Cider at The Rose and Crown at EPCOT World Showcase. Tasted more like water to me.

Standout Disney World rides at each park for me:

Test Track at EPCOT, Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom, Kilimanjaro Safari at Animal Kingdom, and The Great Movie Ride at MGM.

The award for the attraction that promised the most and delivered the least: Narnia at MGM..

The wardrobe opened up before us and we walked in to a magnificent mock up of a snowy, icy woodland complete with gas lamps..Sadly the remainder of our time involved watching a screen showing excerpts from the movie gone and the next movie to come.

Transportation: Not bad..buses tend to come 20 mins apart but annoyingly can take a long time to get to their destination due to calling in at other hotels and parks.

Enjoyed the boats across Lake Bay and the monorail on the couple of occasions we used it.

We don't think we would hire a car again because really if you are just visiting Disney World there is no need.

We used the car for Sea World and Universal Studios (About 7 and 10 miles away from where we were staying respectively)...They are another post though!

Loved the Wilderness Lodge Hotel..We had a great view over the lake - Smashing family hotel.

Reservations for meals wasn't as easy as hoped but food was cheap even after the 15 - 20% tips. (God help US tourists coming to Blighty)

Best quirky trip of the holiday: Went to Fort Wilderness and experienced a horse and carriage trip into the woods..It cost us - a family of 3 - just $35 for half an hour - Brilliant.

The all you can eat buffet is good value for money there too.

Enjoyed Downtown Disney but as it was a 35 minute bus ride from our hotel we went only twice..Shopaholics will love this place.

To see any shows at the parks you need to arrive up to an hour early (without fastpass)..But it can be very hot queueing in the height of the midday sun..diehards only.

Disney has just so much to offer.

Timeshares (Vacation Resorts) seem to be taking off there.

We'll stick to the hotels and the Magic Hours (Early Entry for hotel guests and the hours that the parks stay open later just for guests) that come with them.

Disney Meal planner was a bit of a connundrum for us..Saw many people using it but to be honest I don't know exactly how it works for its extra cost.

Sad to leave but we have many great memories.

Thanks for reading


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The Last Picture Show

Re: Notes from some Big Theme Parks (7) by britcitchris britcitchris Profile at 11/6/07 8:14:11 AM

I must say, I really enjoyed your report. Indepth, inciteful and at times thought provoking. I last visited Florida and the Disney Parks back in '91. My family are hoping to go again in the next few years and your report certainly made me nostalgic and longing to return.

Thanks for a great read, senor.



Re: Notes from some Big Theme Parks (7) by Graeme Graeme Profile at 11/8/07 7:59:49 AM

Florida is set to get even better over the next few years, with rumours of B&M hypercoasters and an Air-style B&M flying coaster!

Gary, I think your TRs show just how Florida can suit anyone. There's so much there, different people get different things out of it. I remember I used to be fascinated with the theming at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Nowadays, the main thing I'd want to do is ride Kraken and Dueling Dragons.

It just goes to prove, a theme park visist is a very personal experience! :)

Ad Island Guide

Re: Notes from some Big Theme Parks (7) by d_n_s_u at 11/8/07 2:53:27 PM

Thanks for your comments as ever gentlemen.

Isabel wants to go back in 2009 to see how the Harry Potter section of Universal turns out.

I believe HP Land is going to be built in / incorporated into the Duelling Dragons area of Universal..Could we see a ride re-theme here?

For Duelling Dragons read Quidditch anyone??

Paul Beesley's Ocean Beach Memoirs

Re: Notes from some Big Theme Parks (7) by Graeme Graeme Profile at 11/8/07 3:31:31 PM

> I believe HP Land is going to be built in / incorporated
> into the Duelling Dragons area of Universal..Could we see a
> ride re-theme here?

> For Duelling Dragons read Quidditch anyone??

Hmm, to be honest I'd prefer them themed to two of the four dragons from Goblet of Fire. What were they again?

Hungarian Horntail (a cert)
Norwegian Ridgeback (my choice of opponent)
Welsh Green
Chinese Fireball

EDIT - No, it was a Swedish Short-Snout, not a Norwegian Ridgeback.

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