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fantasy island ingoldmells

Posted: 11/1/07 at 4:36:22 PM
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can anyone know of any plans for fantasy island theme park in ingoldmells skegness.
i have heard they are taking alot of rides down and putting some new ones.

Re: fantasy island ingoldmells by Graeme Graeme Profile at 11/1/07 5:26:16 PM

My gut feeling is that the rides will stay the same, but there might be new buildings such as concert arenas.

Re: fantasy island ingoldmells by britcitchris britcitchris Profile at 11/1/07 7:21:53 PM

Next year might be the year they bring in the wrist band scheme for the rides....But it's only a rumour as far as I know. Still, it would be great of they did.