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Notes from some Big Theme Parks (7)

Posted: 10/23/07 at 3:53:55 PM
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Downtown Disney was a half hour bus ride from our hotel but a fascinating place to while away several hours.

Rainforest Cafe served up its usual fare in very entertaining surroundings and the air conditioning in the shops provided an escape from the blistering heat.

I'm not a great shopper..Ann and Isabel like shopping..I don't particularly you understand but it was just great to walk, meander, browse, listen to a record of Petula Clark singing Downtown over the sound shop.

Fast forward to DisneyQuest in the West side part of DownTown.

First up we were directed into a lift..about 20 people were squashed in and the doors shut and it was pitch black..

Uh Oh!..Did I tell you I get claustrophobia sometimes?

Last time I got it was in a similar lift at the atrociously overpriced "Our Dynamic Earth" in Edinburgh when the lift doubled as a time machine.

(Time machine slime machine..the only thing time travelling about that tin can was / is the bad memories it brings back)

Similar thing at Disney Quest..lights go out, some lights shine through a screen and the lift descends slowly..Very slowly..Trying to get my breath back in a sardine can full of 20 people who are standing there and sounding excited is my idea of Hell..

Right, this ageing forty something who professes to like coasters and dark rides but gets dizzy and suffers from claustrophobia now needed to start enjoying himself.

Disney Quest appeared as a maze of sorts with stairs going down and some going up. We headed for an interactive ride section which involved watching a screen whilst sitting in and paddling a moving canoe down some river rapids..Great Fun!..It came complete with water in the face.

Isabel had a go at a VR game which involved her swinging a sabre at fresh air and wearing a big helmet..She loved it. We laughed.

Actually, the longer we were there, the more we began to enjoy DQ..Some great interactive attractions.

I liked the giant pinball - Designed to keep you fit.

This all happened towards the end of the hols..It would be home the next day.

In my next (and last installment) I'll sum up the fantastic 15 days we spent in DWF

Thanks for hanging on in there


themagiceye returns

Re: Notes from some Big Theme Parks (7) by the_winged_beast the_winged_beast Profile at 10/23/07 7:38:57 PM

Wow! nice to see the return of themagiceye Gary, was great to re-read the Adrian Fisher interview and look at the plans for the Blackpool Ark, that were found in Kennywoods archives :)


Re: Notes from some Big Theme Parks (7) by Cal at 10/25/07 7:29:01 AM

I guess you wouldn't like the London tube in rush hour then, Gary!