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Legoland t.r. 20th Oct 2007

Posted: 10/21/07 at 7:44:35 AM
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Just a quick report as we are still away but we visited Legoland yesterday for their first wknd of fireworks. The theme this year was witches and wizards. Staff were dressed up accordingly and had plenty of fun, entertaining the crowds. Speaking of which, numbers were considerably less than last year but this was probably due to the Rugby being on. Most queues were around the 20 min mark including the Viking River Splash, the new ride for this year. We enjoyed it a lot but it was over very quickly and the themeing was quite sparse in places, especially around the loading turntable. The only long queue we encountered was Boating School, which was almost an hour. Britcit Jnr enjoyed his rides but there were not many rides suitable for toddlers, which really surprised us. Our favourite ride that day was the excellent Dragon Coaster which we rode 3 times, 2 of them in the dark after the fireworks. The fireworks were world class as usual and the atmosphere just before they started was brilliant. A great day out.

Re: Legoland t.r. 20th Oct 2007 by d_n_s_u at 10/21/07 9:58:12 AM

We love Legoland too - Not been this year but have for the last 3 years (We always take in Bekonscot Model Village as well which isn't too far a drive away)

Dragon Coaster is very good.

Re queues for boating school - They always appear long and when you think about it the ride is very similar to BPB's Speed Boats which last operated in the 1960s..(Speedboats was a misnomer..They were slow motorboats you steered around a course like those at Legoland)

Dear BPB,
Bring back the Speedboats