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Notes from some Big Theme Parks (6)

Posted: 10/12/07 at 3:12:52 PM
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MGM is wonderful before the masses are allowed in.

I've said it before and I'll say it again..If you stay at a Disney Hotel be sure to make use of the Magic Hours (ie early opening times and the staying open later for Disney Guests - Wristbands required for the latter)

Narnia attraction..Strange this..Brilliant opening of wardrobe door..Fantastically themed snowy white landscape complete with gaslamps..but boring stand and watch excerpts from the Narnia Movie and excerpts of the next Narnia movie..Could have been so good.

Backlot tour..Good in a classic sort of way but not as long as it was 15 years back..Lights, Camera Action stunt car show has now taken up much of the tour's space. We missed this much hyped show at DLP due to queues and so made sure we were near the front for this one..That is until an electrical storm to end all electrical storms put paid to the show..Are we ever going to see this Disney highlight?

Rock n' Roller Coaster - Isabel and Ann loved it....Tower of Terror shut due to storm..We ended up watching Muppets in 4D..Er..As Brilliant as it was 15 yrs back..

Sidetrack: Best 4D Shows in Family Radice's humble opinion:

5: Shrek: Universal
4: Honey I Shrunk The Audience: Epcot
3: Muppets: MGM
2: It's Tough to be a bug: Animal Kingdom
1: Mickey's Philharmagic: Magic Kingdom

Not 3 or 4D but good nonetheless was The Voyage of The Little Mermaid..Water in the face..some good songs..nice out the rain in a sort of nice out of the rain sort of way..

Have I mentioned the afternoon rain?

The rain put paid to the most of our day at MGM..Talk about forked lightning and lightning seen in Horror Movies and old episodes of The Addams Family.. WOW!!...Scary....

Star Tours is showing its age as is The Great Movie Ride but I love The Great Movie Ride..For best effect you need good guides with you..Actors whose diction is clear..Sadly the two who jumped on and off our moving car were ..well..a bit bored with things judging by their acting..Still a great ride though..!

Indiana Jones' Show was the brilliant same as 15 years back..(Seriously, anyone who couldn't spot the stooge needs a wake up call..)

High School - The Musical Parade was in full flow at some stage on some stage..

Come to think of it High School - The Musical (2) was everywhere during our holiday.

On Cable every night - At No 1 in Album and Singles Chart and here in all its glory at MGM on a sweltering hot morning that turned into an extremely wet afternoon....but still hot and humid..if you know what I mean.. (You have to have been there)

I like MGM and I don't like MGM..It was towards the end of the holiday and Downtown Disney and Disney Quest were on the agenda for the day after.

The day after could be a good day I thought. The day after could be an average day I thought.

I thought a lot on holiday.

Re: Notes from some Big Theme Parks (6) by Corkscrew_Foley Corkscrew_Foley Profile at 10/13/07 10:58:27 AM

Gary, your TRs are great, especially when I'm doing Disney in a few months. Have you been on ToT yet? Second, how is Rock 'n' Rollercoaster? Is it smooth, I mean, it's Vekoma, so I'm ready to ride defensive. ;)

Keep up the good work,

And Always Positive Tim.

Re: Notes from some Big Theme Parks (6) by Graeme Graeme Profile at 10/14/07 8:41:43 AM

I remember when they were building MGM Studios. It must have been about 1987 - my uncle brought me back leaflets from the Magic Kingdom and Epcot (I was instantly fascinated with them both). One of the leaflets featured a preview of MGM (I think it showed a water tower with Mickey Mouse ears). I must admit, I remember thinking "What is it? How can it be a theme park if it hasn't got any rides?" Yes, I was very confused!

Re: Notes from some Big Theme Parks (6) by Corkscrew_Foley Corkscrew_Foley Profile at 10/14/07 3:53:51 PM

Yeah, when Epcot opened too they didnt have any rides. I think before I get there, they should redo Spaceship Earth so it has a coaster in there like Europa. ;)