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Another game: The interactive Dark Ride

Posted: 10/2/07 at 6:19:18 AM
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Welcome to "Pasaje del URCers" the interactive dark ride.
It's a very easy game...just continue the journey from where the previous poster left off.

We begin by boarding our twisty turny pretzel cars and, with a jolt, we are off as we go under an archway that proclaims "Abandon Hope All Ye who Post On here", we thud through a set of swing doors as a klaxon screams in our ears.
All of a sudden in front of us a light flashes, illuminating a terrifying scene of...

Re: Another game: The interactive Dark Ride by britcitchris britcitchris Profile at 10/2/07 6:29:46 AM

....An animatronic model of a haggard looking witch with a chainsaw in her hand. On the ground under the chainsaw are pieces of severed wood and and old sign with the word 'Cyclone' painted on it. The hand slowly moves up and down as a nearby speaker rumbles the noise of the chainsaw and a hacking screech/laugh.

The car rounds a bend and enters a new scene......

Re: Another game: The interactive Dark Ride by Fraser Fraser Profile at 10/2/07 6:44:52 AM

...a blonde girl stands there with the word babe embroidered on her pink cutaway hoodie. The speakers scream out "I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!"
The car swerves away from the hideousness of it all and turns to face...

Re: Another game: The interactive Dark Ride by Graeme Graeme Profile at 10/2/07 7:29:22 AM

...A fat man falling down the middle of the stairway directly above you, ridden by Matt Damon. "I'm coaster crazy!" he shouts. Just before you are crushed, you nip out of the way, through some doors, to see...

Re: Another game: The interactive Dark Ride by Corkscrew_Foley Corkscrew_Foley Profile at 10/2/07 11:33:43 AM

A room devoted to Patrick Bateman where chainsaws are suspended from the ceiling, and what appears to be bloodied bodies everywhere, and just as you're about to be beheaded by the man himself, you make a sharp turn into another room where...

Re: Another game: The interactive Dark Ride by d_n_s_u at 10/2/07 2:28:51 PM

there is the guy who worked at Lightwater Valley on my last visit (Note the word last) who sneezes into his hands and then serves the woman in front of me a hot dog.

She has the power to send more shivers down the spine than he..

She ate the thing without complaining..

Next up is a gem of a room where..

Re: Another game: The interactive Dark Ride by Fraser Fraser Profile at 10/2/07 2:45:52 PM

...there is suspended a list of all the great rides being built in the UK in 2008. This room is THE VOID- an emptiness fills your soul as you quickly pass through to the...

Re: Another game: The interactive Dark Ride by Cal at 10/3/07 5:54:58 AM

...a bored ride op in red polo shirt, mumbling something about horrors in a dull Brummie accent before slouching away unenthusiastically, leaving the room to spin wildly around you before a crypt opens and out pops a horrifying...small red plastic bat-type thing. The lights go out and some air puffs on the back of your neck, signalling that it's time to leave this area and into the next room where...

Re: Another game: The interactive Dark Ride by Graeme Graeme Profile at 10/3/07 8:39:19 AM

...A large cake, tied with a giant ribbon, waits at the end of the corridor. The distorted chords of "Happy Birthday to You" screech out. As you draw nearer, you hear a cackling... "Happy Birthday, Dear Gaaaarrrrryyyy..." The lights flash wildly "...Happy Birthday to Youuuuu..." Just as you reach the cake, out pops... Blonde Babe! Immediately, you turn and...

Re: Another game: The interactive Dark Ride by TrickTrack TrickTrack Profile at 10/3/07 11:24:06 AM

...the car drops down a few feet into a murky mad scientist lab. Lots of devices, complete with bubbling fluids, mist and buzzing tesla coils line the walls. Enourmous metal harnesses and hooks dangle from the ceiling.

Through a cracked window we can see a neon sign on a neighbouring (pinted on) building. Some letters of the neon sign flicker in a way that you can either read the word "INTAMIN" or "IDI AMIN".

In the middle of the room are two creepy, tall animatronics with bloodstained, white doctor frocks. Between them is a towering, even taller and creepier figure in black leather. It wears a monocle and bends down in a twitching movement, which is typical for unloved animatronics.

These puppets are gathered around a display of stripped down coaster chassis and a tortured, fat guy with a bad haircut, wearing a stained T-shirt that reads "ACIIIIEEED 88" is slumped into a solitary, very small test-seat. He is gagged with a chicken leg.

While the doctor-puppets are endlessly opening and closing the seat restraint, which can barely secure the fat figure, the black dressed guy, whose name is "Werner" is heard saying:
"I vould suggest sat sis restraint is sufficient for all human specimen. And, oh yes: I vant your soul!"

He then breaks into an megalomanic laughter which lets his animtatronic body twitch in impossible directions.

Scared stiff with this horrible display, we havenĀ“t noticed that our car has stopped and rolled backwards a little bit. At the height of the horror, we are suddenly launched forward, out of the lab and into a black void.
The souls of the Intamin-Dead are whizzing past us as our car loses its momentum and suddenly falls back. We hear the voice of Sean Connery say: "Holy Panto! Its a rollback!"

When our backwards fall comes to a stop we find ourselves in...