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Notes from some Big Theme Parks (5)

Posted: 9/28/07 at 4:45:30 PM
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We had paid a few $s more for priority parking at Sea World.


We were only about 50 steps better off from the main entrance than those who had not.

So we didn't opt for the priority parking at Universal.

Well it made sense initially.


Unlike our last visit some 15 years back when we parked outside the main entrance and walked in, this time we were parked a good 20-25 mins walk from the entrance.

Where had these multi storey car parks sprouted from?

What was with the moving walkways? - (Like the ones you get at airports)

Anyways..we opted for Universal Studios first..A totally empty park at 9am in the furnace heat of a morning.

ET first - No queue whatsoever..In fact we were first in..I can't remember anyone behind us at the time.

You have to let the ops key in your name into a computer..ET says goodbye to you at the end of the ride and is supposed to say your name..

er..Forget Gary, my name was something like Brillo or Brollo according to our alien friend at the end of the ride??

Next up Jaws - The Ride

This ride was closed on our last visit..We loved it!!..Yes dated etc...but great!!

Fantastic themed park but didn't like having to leave bags in lockers before going on some of the rides.. Good reasons for them though I suppose.

Loved Earthquake as much as last time 15 yrs back - MIB was good in an 8 out of 10 sort of way..but it spun too much for my liking and you didn't have control over the spinning.

Back to the Future?..Gone! :-(

Simpsons soon to take its place :-)

Shrek in 4D was..well..not as good as hoped to be honest..a little headache inducing..too much riding on that horse..Up and down +++ in the cinema seats. Funny though and a good pre attraction video show starring the 3 little pigs.

Mummy was fantastic - Excellent queueing area - Excavation area, - "Help the curse is true, get out of here quick!!"

- Swift, abrupt ride, stops, turning track, crawling backwards, superb SFX..Superb..(Have I already said that??)

We skipped Twister as we wanted to take in IOA that same day..

What's it like??

And time was moving on.

The coasters at IOA?..Amazing of course but I only got to look at them and drool.

The curse of feeling nauseous if I go upside down more than once continued / continues to curse me.

A major shame..2 years ago and it would have been no problem.

(Sigh) Anyway..plenty of good rides left..

Jurassic Park River Adventure was great..The best giant splash of the whole holiday..LOVED this ride!

Credit too for a short ride on Pteranodon Flyers - See link - Have to say though in all fairness it wasn't worth the long wait for such a short ride.

Best ride of the day/ Whole holiday??

In one Graeme!! IOA

Like the park itself the ride is sensation overload - 3D Spidey on the front of your car, Fire bolt sending you rocketing and spinning backwards, high above the city we felt the action and lived to want to ride it again...and again..and again..

What can I say? 100 out of 100

We'll never forget this magical day..

MGM was to follow..

Universal was going to be a hard act to follow..

Could MGM match it for excitement and in yer face fun??

In a word: No.

But it had its moments...

An electric storm to end all storms for one thing..

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Pteranodan Flyers

Re: Notes from some Big Theme Parks (5) by Graeme Graeme Profile at 9/30/07 8:08:08 AM

> Next up Jaws - The Ride

> This ride was closed on our last visit..We loved it!!..Yes
> dated etc...but great!!

Yes, it's a great concept! Jurassic Park too - I love anything with big creatures.

Gary, I'm pleased you enjoyed Universal so much, I really mean that. I would love to ride Kraken, Dueling Dragons and the other Florida B&Ms myself, but the fact you could still rate the park 100%, you've just proved that theme parks are a very personal experience.