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vtp 200 birmingham

Posted: 9/20/07 at 5:22:08 PM
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Re: vtp 200 birmingham by Graeme Graeme Profile at 9/21/07 10:52:17 AM

I've made an easier link below.

My opinion on the plans? Not my sort of thing, to be honest. I'm a horizontal type of person. ;)

Birmingham Heights

Re: vtp 200 birmingham by Corkscrew_Foley Corkscrew_Foley Profile at 9/21/07 11:08:31 AM

What now Graeme, too tall for you, erm... I get it now. ;)

Why Birmingham of all places? Why not Manc, Cardiff, or even Toon? Should be lucky it's not Leeds or dirty Liverpool. ;)


Re: vtp 200 birmingham by aaron at 9/21/07 2:45:45 PM

I quite like it, i figured with all the redevelopment in the uk as of late, birmingham being the 2nd largest city was going to get many variations of skyscrapers, so why not make one interesting and add "thrill rides"

Re: vtp 200 birmingham by britcitchris britcitchris Profile at 9/21/07 3:39:58 PM

Now this is a great attraction for Birmingham. A mini Stratosphere of sorts. All it needs is a space shot at the top and you're away! It will be great to have an 'Xscream' ride on it as well as I really enjoy the Stratosphere one. It's the only time i've seen grown men scream in fear....Including myself!

My best friend lives in good ol Brum....When the VTP is ready, I suspect, I will be round his like a shot!

Re: vtp 200 birmingham by Fraser Fraser Profile at 9/22/07 5:28:33 AM

Birmingham-poohole of the UK.
Oh well- at keats the VPL (or whatever it's called) will stop them moaning about not getting the Olympics, not getting the Commonwealth games, not being London etc etc etc.

Re: vtp 200 birmingham by assad at 5/27/08 5:19:00 AM

urm... birmingham never applied for the commomwealth games, i think it would offend it's massive ethnic (mainly from the commonwealth countries) population. i mean what is the commonwealth games anyway? it's like "alright lads, we raped, pilliged and murdered and took everything you got but don't worry about it we'll have a sports day!!!!" i mean really, how ridiculous is that. as far as the olympics goes it's true no-one backed the bid even though it had the potential of being a serious contender, look at the difference between the one for london than Birmingham's, again i wonder why they never backed the bid? i think the vtp200 is a good idea but it's like a big look at my co*k.