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Lack of a Scottish Theme Park

Posted: 9/26/99 at 11:34:35 AM
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Hi there, I stay in Glasgow, Scotland and would like to comment on the lack of a quality theme park in Scotland. Louden Castle gathered momentum then crashed as it sold its rollercoaster (Tunderloop Express which was actually very good). Now the rides there are hopeless. M&D's is hardly impressive either with only one "good" coaster - The Tornado. It is far too bumpy and was so bad I had to take long breaks between rides. There is massive potential for an AT beater north of the border and the scenery would accomodate a theme park wonderfully. Come on park owners - expand to Scotland!

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Re: Lack of a Scottish Theme Park by David at 10/22/99 8:23:56 AM

Scotland if you ask me would be a good location for a big theme park, however the industry doesn't see it that way two reasons. The location. While the scenery, etc. could potentially be superb, Scotland is a relatively long drive from Dover so to speak. Then again, Busch Gardens, Tampa is a long way from Lancaster as well..... Suffice to say the population within 3 hours drive of Alton Towers is vastly greater than the population within 3 Hours drive of Glasgow. Secondly, the weather. I know that such a reason is more of a stereotype than the reality, but a theme park in Scotland would suffer in terms of attendance due to the weather.