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Disneyland Paris rollercoasters!

Posted: 9/24/99 at 7:20:00 PM
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Howdy folks!!

I'm really intrigued with Disneyland Paris recently. I had no idea Indiana Jones was a full-out rollercoaster!! Can anyone give me details... or show me a website with pictures and/or video?? (I've already been to Disney's official site)

Also... Space Mountain looks like it's the best of its breed!! Who manufactured this coaster?? Is it LIM?? How fast is the launch?? What are the inversions?? Anyone been on all three (4??) of the Space Mountains?? Which is best??

Thanks, everybody... I hope to make it to some parks overseas soon!


Re: Disneyland Paris rollercoasters! by Absimilliard Absimilliard Profile at 9/24/99 11:01:47 PM

Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril is manufactured by Intamin. There are no coasters of that type in America. The only other coaster like Indiana Jones is Lethal Weapon Pursuit ( racer/dueling ) at Warner Brothers Movie World in Germany. Indiana Jones will be undergoing a rehab that will last until april 2000. Its will add one more car to each trains ( 2 cars per trains right now ). Also, they'll be able to run the coaster BACKWARD!!!!

Space Mountain uses a launch using a pusher car and the same technology as on an aircraft carrier. The max speed of the ride is 44 mph i think. Its features a SideWinder, an half Corkscrew and a horseshoe element. Its got a mid course lift. Its also one of the 4 rides in the world to have a soundtrack synchronised with the ride. One person i know prefered Space Mountain at WDW to the one at DLP. Because DLP SM only seems to go around in circles, with little theming. He preferred the WDW SM because of the last tunnel before the station and its does more things than DLP SM.

Big Thunder Mountain railroad at DLP is manufactured by Vekoma and is said to be the best BTMR.

Hope that helps you.

Re: Disneyland Paris rollercoasters! by Cal at 9/30/99 9:18:07 AM

I've done DLP, WDW and the original DL, and I agree that DLP has the best Space and Big Thunder Mountains. The nice thing about the latter is that it's on an island, and you have to dive under the lake at the beginning and end of the ride to get to and from the station. Very cool!

Like BTM, SM is a Vekoma ride. I'm not sure how it's launched but it's not LIM - it's too old for that! It's very cool, though, and there's plenty of themeing Jules Verne style. I easily prefer it to the others, and WDW's is my least favourite. The theme tune is great and you get a totally different experience depending on whether you sit in the front or back. For me, the front seat is the best as you really get pushed through those inversions, but the back seat is great on the launch and first drop. It's getting a little rougher with age but the seats are well padded.

Indy is a very basic, single loop steelie which has been impressively themed. It's very similar to Pinfari single loop coasters.