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TRAUMAtizer Tunnel Debate

Posted: 6/19/00 at 4:38:37 PM
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Listen, I want to get something off my chest concerning the recent argument over TRAUMAtizer:

It doesn't matter whether or not it has a tunnel. If it didn't then it is a case of false memory on my part. I only had three hours to pack in my rides (Night Rider - excellent value) and it was at night after all.

I wanted to have a discussion about one of my very favourite rides, but all I got were replies finding fault with the details, challenging my integrity.

The point is this: I've never lied on this board. I'm always honest about my opinions and I don't pretend to ride coasters that I haven't been on! I would also know if I'd had a grey/black-out.

Hope there are lots more discussions to come.