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BPB opening times

d n s u
Posted: 6/16/00 at 1:45:01 PM
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Anyone visiting BPB in the week at the moment, pls. note: some rides aren't opening until 2pm..Valhalle seems to be up & running around 3PM although they run it for 15 minutes when its ready before they let passengers on..I have to say there were quite a few disgruntled passengers in the queue today who had been queuing a long time..they were under the impression the ride was opening around 2PM

When I got off the ride at 3.45 the queue wasn't that best wait and get the most from the 25 wristband until it does open.

I understand safety checks are paramount but I think some solid infomation might have quietened some people down the couple standing next to me!!

PS when you first enter VH , along with a couple of vultures you are greeted by a dog with long ears who seems to bark and say something...(Is this an attempt at a Great Dane joke or is there some legend attatched to it??)