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Scooby's Ghoster Coaster

Kings Island

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Scooby's Ghoster Coaster is the first suspended children's roller coaster in the United States. Parents and kids can share in a "flying" experience while getting a bird's-eye view of Paramount's Kings Island's Hanna-Barbera Land. This Caripro Batflyer has a figure 8 layout that starts after the vertical elevator lift.

Roller Coaster Details

Year Track Type Designer
1998 Steel Junior Suspended Caripro

Roller Coaster Stats

  • Height: 40 feet
  • Length: 450 feet
  • Trains: 4 - 2 passenger
  • Ride Time: 45 seconds

Scooby's Ghoster Coaster Facts & History

Caripro Batflyer model suspended coaster

2005 – Final season of operation.

Individual car has one row each, seating two inline per row.

Ride capacity: 120 passengers per hour

Where to Coast

Visit Kings Island to ride this roller coaster.

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