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How it Works: X2 Coaster Train | Six Flags Magic Mountain

A: The prototype vehicle design allows riders to spin 360-degrees forward and backward independent of the trains primary movement. This has never been done before.

B: Weighing 5 tons, the vehicle has a unique wing-shaped design that spans an unprecedented 20-feet wide. Riders will sit on the outside of the coaster track providing a flying sensation unlike any other coaster. You simply won't know what to expect.

C: Four-foot tall rack gears move up and down following the profile of the seat rotation rails below the vehicle. This gear rotates the seats forwards and backwards throughout the ride.

D: Unlike traditional coasters this ride has four rails. The seat rotation rails bend up and down (slightly) pulling the rack gear up and down which in turn rotates the seats.

X2 Roller Coaster Train How it Works, Six Flags Magic Mountain

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