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Ricochet Roller Coaster Kings Dominion


Kings Dominion

By Barry Short
Contributing Writer

Ricochet is Paramount's Kings Dominion's twelfth roller coaster. This Wild Mouse roller coaster features all of the familiar elements found on this type of coaster along with something extra, a 50-foot drop.

Ricochet Rollercoaster Paramount's Kings Dominion

After passing the ride's entrance the queue winds beneath and around the roller coaster granting riders a good view of what's to come. Upon entering the station guests are divided into two groups that simultaneously load two trains at the same time. Each four-seat car has individual lap bars securing every passenger.

Roller Coaster Facts
Type of Coaster:
Wild Mouse

Height: 52 feet
Max drop: 50 feet
Top speed: 35 mph
Length: 1,308 feet

Number of Cars:
10 - 4 Passenger

Ride Time:
3 minutes

Opening Date:
April 2002

Coaster Designer:

Kings Dominion
Doswell, Virginia

Departing the station the coaster car makes a quick U-turn that leads to the 52-foot tall lift hill. As you ascend the lift you'll get a view of the layout and you'll see other cars speeding along the course.

Ricochet starts of with a punch and something that is not typical for most Wild Mouse coasters. Leaving the lift hill the car makes a right turn and then plunges off the edge of an impressive 50-foot drop. Down you go with your stomach left behind, but more important don't forget to smile for the camera that is taking your picture.


Ricochet Roller Coaster First Drop Ricochet Attraction Kings Dominion


Ricochet Rollercoaster Wild Mouse Switchbacks

Following the surprise drop the cars enter the traditional hairpin turns found on a Wild Mouse. As you whip around each turn, you'll likely fear that the car going to fly off the track as it picks up more and more speed.

There is nothing more exciting than watching people ride a Wild Mouse roller coaster for the first time. From the midway first time riders often size up this type of ride as being just an oversized kiddie coaster. Once on board it's the hairpin turns that usually turn out to be a big surprise.

Wild Mouse Coaster Kings Dominion

It's important not to let the ride's appearance fool you. Many small rides can deliver big thrills and this Wild Mouse coaster is a prime example.

Just when you reach the point of feeling out of control, the track bends around another curve and then dives down the second biggest drop on the ride complete with a pop of "airtime".

Ricochet concludes with a couple quick turns, followed by a few more airtime bunny hops and then its into the final stretch of track, also known as the brake run.

Kings Dominion Theme Park

While the ride is a bit short, it's still a lot of fun.

Overall, Ricochet is an excellent addition to Paramount's Kings Dominion. Now with the addition of Ricochet, the park is now in the company of the few US theme parks that can boast of having twelve roller coasters.