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Mamba Roller Coaster


Worlds of Fun

Most people will probably tell you that they hate snakes, but as much as you may dislike them this is one snake you're gonna love.

Mamba Roller Coaster First Drop

This past spring Worlds of Fun unleashed the deadliest snake of Africa, the Mamba, into the park. Of course, this snake is the roller coaster Mamba, the newest hypercoaster built and designed by Morgan Manufacturing.

Custom made for Worlds of Fun, Mamba is one the fastest, longest and tallest roller coasters in the world. Spanning out more than a mile, following a traditional "out and back" layout, Mamba delivers a mighty bite for those adventurous enough to ride it.

Mamba Hypercoaster Worlds of Fun

From start to finish Mamba keeps riders on the edge of their seats, giving a non-stop thrilling ride. You have to stay alert or Mamba or Africa's deadliest snake may get the best of you.

The ride begins with Mamba's first bite, a 205 foot drop, followed by the rush of poisonous adrenaline as you speed along at the ride's 75 mph top speed.

Mamba Rollercoaster Worlds of Fun

The second drop immediately following is called "the surprise" as Mamba takes its second bite with a drop of 185 feet, followed by another rush of the snake's poison, as you once again reach a top speed of more than 70 mph.

Following the initial drops, those who managed to survive will have to face the Mamba again as it coils up for it's next attack.

Mamba Helix Worlds of Fun

The next bite is a massive coil which sends daring riders through an unique 580 degree rotation, at speeds in excess of 60 mph!

Flying out of the coil to avoid the snake, riders continue down a hilly path over five camelback bumps which send the unsuspecting rider out of his seat. One of the five bumps is an unusual "double up" hump with twice the airtime.

Mamba Rollercoaster Bunny Hops

As you continue to run from the snake, you quickly return to the safety of the loading station, with incredible stories to tell about how you survived an encounter with this deadly viper. But as we suspect, more than likely you'll want to face it again.

As deadly as the bite may be in Africa, Mamba's bite at Worlds of Fun is harmlessly thrilling.

Roller Coaster Facts
Type of Coaster:

Height: 205 feet
Max drop: 205 feet
G-force: 3.5 G's
Top speed: 75 mph
Length: 5,600 feet

Out and Back

Number of Trains:
3 - 28 Passenger

Ride Time:
3 Minutes

Opening Date:
May 1998

Coaster Designer:
Morgan Manufacturing

Worlds of Fun
Kansas City, Missouri