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Canyon Blaster Roller Coaster Adventuredome

Canyon Blaster


There are a lot of things to love in Las Vegas: big casinos, exciting attractions, monsterous hotels and a collection of incredible thrill rides. The bad part about Las Vegas is the daytime temperatures, for which the majority of the year soar into the nineties and above making it a tough place to enjoy a day at an theme park.

Canyon Blaster Rollercoaster Drop

But thanks to the smart folks at Circus Circus, visitors to Las Vegas can enjoy a day at a theme park without the heat, instead staying in the comfort of an indoor climate.

Adventuredome, the first indoor theme park in Las Vegas opened in 1993 as an addition off the rear of the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. As for the weather, it reamins the same day in and day out, a clear, comfortable 72 degrees in this incredible climate controlled environment.

Canyon Blaster Loop

While the climate is perfect, it is what is inside the dome that makes it so impressive. The main attraction out of more than a dozen exciting ones at the Adventuredome is the Canyon Blaster, an awesome double loop, double corkscrew roller coaster.

While most indoor coasters tend to be tame, the Canyon Blaster is wild! Custom designed by Arrow Dynamics to fit in the indoor amusement park, the Canyon Blaster earns itself the title "the world's largest indoor looping roller coaster."

Roller Coaster Facts
Type of coaster:
Indoor Looping

Height: 94 feet
Max drop: 76 feet
Top speed: 45 mph
Length: 2,423 feet
Inversions: 4

2 Vertical Loops, Double Corkscrew, Enclosed Helix

Number of Trains:
2- 28 passenger trains, weighing 14,400 pounds each

Height Requirement:
48 inches tall

Ride Time:
1 minute, 45 seconds

Opening Date:
Spring 1993

Coaster Designer:
Arrow Dynamics

Las Vegas, Nevada

After boarding one of two 28-passegner, seven-car trains and your exciting journey begins. Leaving the station the Canyon Blaster makes a sharp turn before starting the gradual climb up the nine-story lift hill.

Canyon Blaster Corkscrew

As the train disengages off the lift over 90-feet from the floor below hold on tight, as the excitement is about to begin with a quick turn around the highest mountain in the Adventuredome. The surprise comes when the train suddenly takea a quick six story drop and riders in the rear of the train find themselves floating in their seats. The sudden 66-foot drop catches a few by surprise.

Now traveling at the top speed of 45 mph you begin two consecutive vertical loops, which is followed by a quick banked turn sending screaming riders into two more inversions, called a double corkscrew. Three....four.....and you're done with four upside down spins under your belt.

But the Canyon Blaster would not be complete without just one more element...a high speed spiral spin around the outside of the mountain and then into inside of the moutain through a dark tunnel before you hit the brake run.

If you forgot you were indoors you are certainly not alone. While it may be a bit on the short side, it is still quite impressive and for an indoor roller coaster the Canyon Blaster certainly earns it's screams.