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Boulder Dash Roller Coaster Lake Compounce

Boulder Dash

Lake Compounce

By David Fraser
Contributing Writer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hike on a mountainside... at 60 mph? Well if you're the rugged, outdoor type who's always had a hankering to push the thrill seeking envelop, then historic Lake Compounce, the nation's oldest amusement park, has just the challenge awaiting you!

Boulder Dash Roller Coaster Lift Hill

Dubbed the tallest, fastest and longest wooden roller coaster on the east coast, Boulder Dash is certainly a unique ride, from the design blue prints to the actual ride you're about to discover. Of course, if you're brave enough!

Taking almost a year to build, Boulder Dash is yet another ride to add to long list of world-class wooden scream machines designed by Custom Coasters International.

Boulder Dash Wooden Coaster First Drop

According to Ernie Ottoson, CCI's project foreman for Boulder Dash, this was perhaps the most challenging coaster to successfully complete, as it is the first roller coaster to be build on a mountain, which provided a myriad of construction obstacles along the way. But the long hours and hard work has paid off since those who have ridden Boulder Dash are hinting that it may be the number one new wooden coaster for 2000.

Roller Coaster Facts
Type of Coaster:
Out and Back Terrain

Height: 50 feet
Max drop: 115 feet
Top speed: 60 mph
Length: 4,752 feet

Ride Time:
2 minutes, 30 seconds

Other Features:
First coaster to be build on a mountain.

Number of Trains:
2 - 24 passenger

Train Manufacturer:
Philadelphia Toboggan Co.

Estimated Cost:
$6 Million

Opening Date:
May 21, 2000

Coaster Designer:
Custom Coasters, Inc.

Lake Compounce
Bristol, Connecticut

Boulder Dash Riders POV First Drop

Upon boarding one of the two spacious Philadelphia Toboggan Company trains, your journey awaits beginning with a serene, picturesque trip up the lift hill. Cresting into a scenic 90-degree turn, riders are given just enough time to relax; before it happens...

Roller Coaster Dives By Boulders

A swooping first drop through the trees sets the train flying at an impressive 60 mph as your peaceful scenic tour becomes a relentless trip across the mountain over an incredibly diverse array of hills, packed with everything but the kitchen sink.

With its slithering lateral shifts along the way, Boulder Dash takes on a unique feel for an "out and back" wooden coaster. There is little time to think as riders are stunned with eight amazing hills consisting of two speed hills, three double ups, a double down, and a mid-course drop that leaves you floating for days.

Boulder Dash Out and Back Turn

Every hill delivers a euphoric sensation, as this non-stop adventure will leave you breathless, of course in a positive way. The journey through the amazing rock faces, boulders, and trees is as beautifully choreographed as it can be. And this is all before reaching the turnaround.

At this point, you may be thinking that a turnaround will provide a moment of relief...well think again!

Boulder Dash Rollercoaster Airtime Hill

The train flies into the 180-degree about face at a ferocious 30 mph. The intensity of the train is larger than life, and the smooth. Soaring out of the turnaround, the return trip delivers, a more traditional trek back to the station loaded with an assault of bunny hills delivering airtime that proudly defines what airtime should be.

Boulder Dash Roller Coaster Lake Compounce

The third of three the bunny hops offers a surprise with a quick lateral shift into a double down before entering a "trick track" and concluding with the final double up. A final hill lofts riders with authority one final time, before hitting the brakes for the first and only time! Your average sustained speed: A staggering 52 mph!!.

Keeping with its traditional roots, Lake Compounce has introduced the perfect addition to compliment this beautiful family amusement park. Boulder Dash is certainly not to be missed, offering incredible non-stop thrills in the most unique setting.

Okay, so now get up out of that chair, strap on your rugged, thrill seeking boots, and get to the lake cause there is definetely a seat waiting for you on Boulder Dash.