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Batman The Ride

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Prepare for the ride of your life…hang on tight but most importantly keep your feet inside the car…but…what happened to the floor of the car? Batman The Ride takes the concept of a roller coaster to a new dimension. On Batman your feet dangle free from the ski lift style trains that hang from the track overhead.

Gotham City Backlot, Batman The Ride, Six Flags Magic Mountain

Batman The Ride – The Story

After entering through the Gotham City portal, visitors stroll through Bruce Wayne's beautiful landscaped Gotham City Park, complete with ornate sculptures and an ongoing concert of nature sounds symphony.

Roller Coaster Facts
Type of Coaster:
Inverted Multielement Looping

Height: 105 feet
Max drop: 87 feet
G-force: 4 G's
Top speed: 50 mph
Length: 2,693 feet
Inversions: 5

Ride Time:
1 minute, 30 seconds

Other Features:
Zero G-Roll, 2 Vertical Loops, 2 Corkscrews

Number of Trains:
2 - 32 Passenger

Opening Date:
April 1994

Coaster Designer:
Bolliger & Mabillard

Six Flags Magic Mountain
Valencia, California

Batman Looping Roller Coaster
Batman The Ride has five inversions, including two vertical loops, two corkscrews and a zero-G inline roll.

As unsuspecting guests venture further the peacefulness of Gotham City Park is suddenly disturbed by unsettling noise in the streets, which are now ruled by Batman's arch enemies. Guests will encounter a crashed police car, broken fire hydrant and other evidence of the growing chaos in the streets.

Once in the underground tunnels beneath Gotham City, guests will finally escape through the Batcave to be whisked away on Batman's newest crime-fighting device, Batman The Ride.

Batman The Ride

Batman The Ride Vertical Loop

Suspended from the track riders fly through the air, feet dangling free, experiencing sensations only felt on an inverted coaster.

After cresting the ten story lift hill, the ride begins with a 87-foot twisting dive into a seven story tall vertical loop, followed by a zero gravity one-of-a-kind heartline spin and a second 68-foot vertical loop.

Batman The Ride Six Flags Magic Mountain

Riders then proceed at full throttle through several twisting turns, a few quick dips and two more corkscrew inversions sending your feet for the sky, before the brake run.

The sensation created by an inverted coaster is very different from that of traditional roller coasters. It is a sensation that every coaster fan must experience. Batman The Ride boasts a top speed of 50 mph that is consistently maintained throughout the ride while giving riders the sensation of upto 4 G's.

Batman The Ride was built and designed by premier coaster experts Bolliger & Mabillard and was the first inverted roller coaster in Southern California. Today, Batman remains one of the most popular attractions at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Batman The Ride Corkscrew Inversion Batman 6