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Roller Coaster Reviews

Ultimate Rollercoaster® reviews selected roller coasters from around the world. Reviews include descriptions, facts, and photos of each roller coaster.
Batman The Ride
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Experience the world's most popular inverted roller coaster, Batman The Ride, now operating at six different Six Flags Theme Parks.
Six Flags America
Take flight and soar through five exhilarating inversions on this state-of-the-art-flying roller coaster.
Boulder Dash
Lake Compounce
Careen off boulders and dash through the woods on a wild roller coaster ride along the mountainside of this historic New England amusement park.
Canyon Blaster
Adventuredome Las Vegas
Blast off on the largest, indoor, looping roller coaster in the world with four inversions– two loops and a double corkscrew.
Buffalo Bills Hotel and Casino
Ride through the Nevada desert on this incredible hypercoaster that is one of the tallest, fastest, and longest steel coasters in the world.
Fairly Odd Coaster
Nickelodeon Universe
Spin and then spin some more on America's first indoor spinning coaster, located inside America's largest shopping mall.
Giant Dipper
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
After 76 years and 45 million riders, this historic landmark continues to run as one of only two seaside wooden coasters on the West Coast.
Knott's Berry Farm
The old west just got a bit wilder with this incredible wooden coaster that's become the best in the west!
Great Bear
Take a ride on one of the best inverted roller coaster on the East Coast and one of the flagship attractions at Hersheypark.
Kentucky Rumbler
Beech Bend Park
Beech Bend Park redefines the classic wooden roller coaster with Kentucky Rumbler.
Worlds of Fun
The deadliest snake in Africa turns into one incredible hypercoaster and one of the tallest, fastest roller coasters in the midwest.
Manhattan Express
New York New York Hotel and Casino Las Vegas
Fly through New York City onboard a wild, out of control taxi, or could this just be a normal cab ride for New York?
Six Flags Marine World
The wicked lady is poised to strike with her coiled steel formed into seven head numbing inversions. Can she be tamed?
Phantom's Revenge
A Phantom seeking revenge is lurking at Kennywood Park in the form of a mega-sized steel roller coaster. Can you survive the Phantom's Revenge?
Powder Keg
Silver Dollar City
Riders fly through the forests of the Ozark Mountains on this thrilling launched coaster at Silver Dollar City.
Kings Dominion
The park's 12th roller coaster is a traditional Wild Mouse coaster with an added punch.
Storm Runner
Out run the storm by flying from zero-to-72 milers per hour on Hersheypark's one-of-a-kind launched roller coaster.
Superman Ride Of Steel
Six Flags New England
Put on your cape and prepare to fly away on this incredible hypercoaster, which is the tallest, fastest and longest steel roller coaster in New England.
Superman Ultimate Flight
Six Flags Great Adventure
The ultimate flight of fancy, the famed superhero debuts in the northeast in the form of a state-of-the-art flying roller coaster.
Dorney Park
This thrilling inverted roller coasters proves that you don't have to be the tallest, fastest or longest to be one of the world's best.
Knoebels Amusement Resort
Ride a world-class wooden coaster at beautiful Knoebels Amusement Resort. This incredible ride was based on the 1965 John Allen classic woodie, Mister Twister.
Bobbejaanland Family Park
This Euro-Fighter roller coaster is a compact, multielement twister that packs a thrilling punch and is the first-of-its-kind in Europe.
Canada's Wonderland
Hanging from an overhead steel track Vortex delivers a wild, thrilling ride with unique sensations that can only be experiened on suspended coasters.
Lagoon kicks up the thrills with the largest attraction in the park's history to-date and the world's first tower launch roller coaster from Zierer.
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Nothing can prepare you for what you'll experience on the world's first 4th Dimension roller coaster.

Defunct Roller Coasters

Six Flags Magic Mountain
Take a ride on this classic roller coaster that remains one of the largest dual-tracked wooden coasters in the world.
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Learn more about the world's only space diver roller coaster, Flashback. This one-of-a-kind coaster delivers a unique ride experience.
HyperSonic XLC
Paramount's Kings Dominion
Accelerate to 80 mph in 1.8 seconds on the world's first compressed-air launched coaster.
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Feel the roar of this new wooden twister, now thrilling riders at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.
Texas Giant
Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags celebrated its 45th anniversary, so we featured The Texas Giant, one of the largest coasters in Six Flags history.